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My iRacing experience thus far.....

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by G2Jason, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. G2Jason


    I have about/almost 2 months of membership completed. I have been having a blast. This and Raceroom are my favorites.
    Up until iRacing I was finding it difficult to race online. I joined this site hoping to race often. I finally accepted that due to my 60 hour work weeks, Pacific time zone, family life, playing in 2 bands that rehearse and gig, and my other outdoor hobby of cycling, that I just didn't fit in with the race times not only here but everywhere. I spent weeks looking for a league but I just could not either get home from work on time or commit to a specific time and day permanently. So back to solo racing in Raceroom for me it was unless I took a day off of work.
    But then I decided to give iRacing a shot and I committed to a year subscription. I figured a year would be a good way to measure its worth to my schedule. I have raced online more in these first couple of months than I have my whole first year of sim racing period. And I have been really enjoying it. I am currently focusing on the oval side of things because I already own all of the Raceroom content and I am more interested in their road car offerings at the moment vs iRacing. And in order to spread the cost I have to just focus on one at a time.
    And now the cost. For a person with my schedule it has been worth the cost. To be able to come home in the evening and still find races with people in it after 9pm PST every night of the week has been awesome. It has justified the cost and the racing experience has been top notch. So far its still my cheapest hobby, including the cost of building my PC and the iRacing pay model when compared to my road and mountain bikes and 4 drumsets hahaha. Plus downloading sims is way easier to hide from the wife! I wish I did't have to add another expense and I envy those who have more flexible schedules so they can race online in other sims.
    Thanks for letting me share! Peace to all!
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  2. Eckhart von Glan

    Eckhart von Glan

    sounds good. this is ecaxtly what iRacing excels at (and must be difficult to do because noone even comes close to it). same reason here why i play 90% iRacing, there is simply always a good online race on and playing against real people just beats playing ai, no matter how sophisticated it has become, at least for me.
  3. sebduloiret


    the difference between iracing and the price of your bike is that once purchased, the bike belongs to you, while on iracing, no subscription, all the content you paid no longer serves you for nothing ...
    personally, I spent 500-600 euros on iracing in 5 years, and without subscriptions, I can not even enjoy what I bought. for me this is the big negative point of iracing
    moreover there are online people but in some good categories ... many series are mostly empty (lotus for exemple)
    I realized another big negative point on iracing since I have AMS is the control of the glide of the car at low speed: on iracing, it's very hard and almost impossible to drift and to control his car with the accelerator while on ams it's very intuitive! (I did 2-3 stages of gliding in real on bmw 2.0L and I find in ams the same sensation of "control" as in reality)
    the most important is that you take a lot of fun with the simulation that you like but I confess that, even after 800 races on iracing, I was bluffed races against the AI that I made on ams, the AI is incredibly strong, respectful and intelligent: D
    have fun and good day to u ^^