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My game CTD during replays, is this normal?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Barnes, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. I just bought F1 2012 last week and since then I have modified it with many Mods.1 Mod I had to have was 100% race length in Career mode. Well, I ran my 1st 100% race and everything went fine. Then, while watching the replay as soon as I come to my 1st pit stop right when the car makes the turn to enter the pit spot the game CTD and I lose my progress. I have to race it again :confused:

    I guess my question is, does this game even support 100% race replays? Because the game came with a stupid career mode and had to be modified, is this why my replay crashed?

    Now, I'm afraid to watch a replay of a pit stop and exit out right before the first pit stop so I don't lose my progress.CM has the crappiest replay system in the history of F1 gaming.
  2. Hi mate

    Im not terribly sure. From what I've heard they have stopped the replays. But then again im pretty sure I've used a replay in this f1.

    If its to do with mods, head over to the mod forum. As that is where all the modders are who might recognise your problem and have a solution.
    Link to Mod Forum: www.racedepartment.com/forum/forums/f1-2012-mods.140/

    Let us know how you get on. Im sure you'll be sorted in no time though.
  3. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    The game has a flaky replay system, and none of the series so far have supported 100% replays. In a 25% (or whatever the shortest was when the game was released 30%?) race, then yes, but not long races, I just don't actually know the cut-off point.

    I gave up on the system a long time ago ...........
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  4. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Are you running modified track cams?

    If so it it probably down to that, as the pitstops are part scripted, if the cams for the pitstops have been altered in any way or missing, this will cause the game to crash.
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  5. Hey guys, Thanks for all the advice. After I posted this I started thinking that it was probably the camera file that I'm using that caused my crash. I am using Rini Braat's real motion cockpit cameras, I haven't modified his files any and I don't see anybody complaining in the thread that it makes their game crash.

    I'm going to run some short races tonight with a pit stop and see if I can get to crash again. It wouldn't be a big deal if we could save replays, but losing progress of a whole race sucks.
  6. I figured out which Mod makes my replays crash. It's the stay in cockpit during pit stop Mod. It overwrites the track replay camera files and changes the replay duration during pit stops to 0 of coarse this makes replays crash as soon as the car turns into the pit spot. I have been running short races with pit stops and then watch the replay and my replays crash on every track I tried.

    Luckily I made backups so all is well. Don't install this mod if you like replays and hate CTD
    or this one
  7. I already sacrifice full race replay (some kind off fix for no suttering/better performance since 2010..), but for this lovely tweak, that I can have same camera in pitstop and on track,
    I would sacrifice it again :) anyway thx for tip.
  8. There is probably a solution to this. I want replays and stay in the cockpit mod. I'm going to run some test changing numbers around to try and get replays to work with the cockpit view mod.
  9. Would you actually sit there and watch 100% of the 100% replay?
    Guessing a camera angle mod would cause a crash mate. Thanks for updating us on your fix and the cause :)
  10. No, I wouldn't watch 100% replay because I can't spectate other cars in the replay and I can't save it. I just don't like my game crashing and not knowing why and now I do .
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  11. to fix this open up each track replay_camera_config.xml in notepad and search for :-
    "target.replay_drv_rearside1" and "target.replay_drv_rearside2"

    change these to

    You still get cockpit view in pitstop but now in replays it DOES NOT CTD !!

    hope this helps you.

    tried melbourne again today..............and it CTD which is a shame.
    so its random, as stated above if you like to see your replays dont use it
  12. while playing my 4th carrer season on gp valencia, i got ctd when i broke my front wing and try to back to garage (jump), then that happen.

    after i restart the game and finished my qualy (Q2) it happen again (ctd before saving).
    trying restart again and finished my Q3 and it alwas blank and loading circle never end.

    what happen with my game?