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My game crashes

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by DikiDino, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. I've been having issue with the game lately.

    It seems like pretty quite often when i either finish a Qualifying or Race, the game will freeze ah the next screen. It happen after finishing an events and when the game try to Load, it just freeze. Or when i get the podium, the music will continue to play but the screen just black out meaning i have to Alt-F4 to get out of it.

    Anyone encounter this? Btw, mine is Steam version.

    It suxs when i finish a 100% race and it just freeze and i have to race again.

    This dont happen everyone. Sometime it dont crash, sometime it will. Its pretty much random in my case. This actually hinder me from playing 100% or anything above 20%. :(
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Do you have any mods installed? Maybe you can post some system specifications so the tech guru's here can have a look at it :)
  3. [HELP A.S.A.P!]Game Crashing

    I just wanted to start the game today as i usually would,but the classical "Don't send" error showed up,i reinstalled the game,installed patch 101,and guess what,same problem.I didnt have this problem yesterday,when the game was running perfectly,and now all the sudden today doesnt start,anyone have any ideas why,i didnt put any mods since yesterday when it was running fine.Help?!please!
  4. Had the same problem when I switched from rapture sound settings to software settings. I changed back to rapture and had no further problems.
    Have you changed any settings in the game ?
  5. How do i change from rapture to software to rapture?thanx
  6. When you go into the F1 paddock >> My F1 >> there are settings there for sound / graphics etc.
  7. i CANT get in the game,when i 2xclick the icon it says "this program has stopped working"what can i do?
  8. I had an issue after the patch, where the game seemed to be crashing on a fairly regular basis. I had changed my settings from high to ultra. Now, I've reverted back to high, I haven't seen a crash for a while. Worth trying and I can't see much difference between high and ultra anyway, outside of the crashes (system ones, not car crashes) that is. :wink:
  9. Out of frustration. I uninstalled the game, redownload from steam and so far had a better time with it and no crash so far.

    Previously, mod that i installed is the RDD Helm and a few Car skin replacement + the True Light HD3.1.

    This time round, i installed nothing and so far, so good.