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My G27 should not be landfill

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by skidmark33, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. The potentiometers on my G27 have had it.

    I've cleaned them more than once, I've swapped the rarely used clutch with the brake, I've done all the maintenance I can.

    It's over.:( (my throttle spikes and won't stay much above an average value of 80% - I'm getting blown away on the straights...)

    Can anyone help me find new potentiometers that fit and will do the job? Any advice?

    Logitech have been no help at all. (Some corporate legalese about not encouraging us to open up the pedal housing is all you get).

    My G27 is a great wheel. It doesn't deserve to become landfill because one easily replaceable four year old part is worn out.

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  2. Logitech are no help at all.:mad:

    Thanks for the thread link.:thumbsup:
  3. eSEA One

    eSEA One
    eSEA One

    I replaced my pots with Hall Affect Sensors (HAS) Link to Leobodnar ones I got mine locally
    You have to do a bit of DIY to make brackets, I made mine out of old plastic credit card like cards and hot glue.
    I also made a C shape bracket glued on the original pedal gear arm that the pot gear used to which I glued some small magnets so that they move around the HAS which is connected to the pot wiring. I originally had only one magnet but found out that I was only using half the range of the HAS. a bit of trial and error enginering needed to get the full range as far as distance and magnet polarity. This set-up might not be the best, I have seen round magnets with a hole in them (mounted on the gear shaft) that rotate around the HAS this is what I did at the time. The signal in my configuration is non linear fairly fast at the start of the pressing of the peddle quite sensitive in the middle and then fast in the end to the fully pressed position.
    Hall AS.jpg
    The pedal wiring is then connected directly to the PC via the Leo Bodnar Cable adapter