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My g25 The green led on (on the right) flashes on and off

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by glaucorocha, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Hi, my friends. I have the problem above.

    What problem do you think is happening?
    I request help, please!!!


    1) When connecting it spins just a little, three times. Not completely calibrated.
    2) All buttons function operates normally, including the buttons on the gearbox and wheel.
    3) The pedals operate normally.
    4) The green led on (on the right) flashes on and off.
    5) The steering becames light, without resistance.
    6) Already tested in other USB ports and other computers, but the problem persists.

    Any help is welcome.

    Thanks a Lot!!!
  2. i assume youve done the requisite googling? that seems like such a specific issue (the weird spin up & the flashing light) id be very surprised if its a new one.
  3. I'd try posting this in the Hardware forum instead of here as it's not iRacing related really.
  4. I had the same with my 1year old G27, made a call to logitech and got a new wheel within a week. But that also makes me think it isn't an easy fix. I think you need to start thinking about your next purchase.
  5. But call Logitech first!
  6. Noticed it is plugged into a front USB port. Not sure how these wheels work, or what the other ports you have stated you tried are, but often the front or peripheral ports are not powerful enough for certain hardware (dependant on case/motherboard) and usually only powered enough for smaller portable devices like phones, iPods etc. Have you tried one of the rear hardwired motherboard USB ports?

    What happens when you boot up from cold with it already connected up?