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My Formula Classic car is not available?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Fergus O'Daly, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. For some reason, ever since I installed the 2012 update, I can no longer choose to race the Formula Classic car. When I start up my game, I can choose... Stock Car V8, Mini Challenge, Formula 3 and Formula Reiza, but there is no option for Formula Classic at all. Upon examining my folders, I can see that the "F_Classic" folder does exist in my game directory under: C:\Program Files\GSC2012\GameData\Vehicles\F_Classic


    I tried doing a full reinstall, but I couldn't find any links to download the full version of the game, so I downloaded the demo and then tried to register the demo, but when I click the "register" link, it gives me some sort of error telling me that I am missing a file. So then I tried skipping the registration and I went ahead and patched the game to version 1.20, but when I then went to launch the game - it told me that it could not find the license file, so I coppied the file from my old game directory and pasted it into the new directory and the game launched, but there was still no option to choose Formula Classic at all, in fact, the only car it allowed me to race was the camaro pace car. WTF ??? lol

    I probably need to go through my old mail and look for a payment receipt and see if I have a "full download" link in an email. Obviously installing the demo and trying to register it doesn't seem to work the same way.

    I tried looking for a stand alone Formula Classic download, but I could not find one anywhere. This is becoming more frustrating than I thought. I was about to just give up completely, but I thought I would come here and ask for help. I would really like to try the Indy car skins, but obviously that isn't going to happen until I figure this out first.

    Does anybody know why this is happening to me?
    Is there something I can do to my game to get my Formula Classic car to appear as a choice?
    I have no idea why it is not available when it should be.
  2. I found my old sales email and I click the link to download the game and it is now telling me...

    Cannot download

    This product is no longer available for download, this may be due to the maximum number of allowed attempts exceeded or the allotted time.
    Please contact the manufacturer of the product for support.

    Grrr. Now I have to contact them. I've only downloaded this game 1 time ever. How is it possible that I it could give me an "exceeded attempts" or "allotted time" message? Why do I have the feeling the my luck is only going to keep getting worse? I'm going to contact them now.
  3. The Formula Classic is bundled with the Formula Reiza in GSC2012. Simply select Formula Reiza from the menu using the arrows and then choose a classic car.

    We have a limit in the number of series we can implement, so some things had to be combined in GSC2012. Packaging the modern and classic grand prix cars together was the most logical way of making everything fit.

    Beyond that in trying to "fix" things it sounds like you've applied a patch you maybe shouldn't have, or something has gone wrong somewhere which has broken/confused the license.

    I'm not sure what's going on with the download links you're attempting to use, but the correct ones can be found here, though by the sound of it you didn't actually need to reinstall in the first place :p:

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  4. Thanks for the links, I'm downloading it now. Wow like 8mb a sec download from that server - 9min remaining.

    I'm almost certain that I installed everything correctly the first time, but obviously something didn't work correctly. It seems funny that it would give me everything except the Formula Classic car. The only patch I ever applied was when the Mini cars released.

    I'll let you know how the re-install works out.
  5. Fergus I think maybe you didn't understand Nickovey's explanation. The Formula Classics will NOT show up as a seperate option in the bottom left corner. You need to click on Formula Reiza. This will take you to the usual list of cars, but look closer, and both sets of cars are in the same list. Just choose the car you want, and this will activate either the F_Classics or the F_Reiza cars :)
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  6. Oh... lol.
    After I just finished the re-install. I was actually about post and say that the problem still exists. My game is minimized right now, let me check... Yep, the Formula Classic cars are there under the Formula Reiza list, just like you said. I did misunderstand. Thanks.

    I used to race Formula Classic and Formula Reiza back when I played the 1.7 2011 version of the game, and the Formula Classic used to appear in the bottom left corner of the screen where the arrow thingies are back then, but ever since I installed the 2012 version of the game, I've just been racing Stock V8 and just recently I tried racing with the Mini's. I haven't tried the 2012 Formula Reiza or Formula 3's yet, that's why I never stumbled across the Formula Classic cars that - I've just now come to understand - are bundled under the Formula Reiza class list.

    I have this game installed in a few locations, so all I really need to do is just delete the latest install and simply go back to using the original install since I now know where to find the cars. And yay! I get to keep my old track records, thank god, like the 1.37 on Interlagos Stock V8 and 1.10 Londrina, which I will never again come close to achieving, lol. With a 3 wing and a Ferrari GT Experience Racing Wheel I got brand new on Amazon at an auction price of $19 and free shipping, lmao. And it broke in like 3 days and the wheel is super loose now. And later the desk clamp stripped and broke, so I replaced it with a long bolt screw and I have to use a screwdriver every time I attach the wheel to the desk, lol. Damn wheel has a 5% dead-zone that can not be changed or re-programmed at all. It also uses uses bungees instead of springs and one of the bungees broke. The wheel turns all the way to the left correctly, but when I turn all the way to the right, it doesn't stop turning, because something in the steering broke, so now it turns 90 degrees to the left and like 130 degrees to the right. The wheel is basically meant to be used for PS3 arcade racing games, not sims, it even has a PS3 switch on it, but I manage to do ok with it. The force-feedback only has a vibrate mode, which I can't use because it tickles too much, lol. I seriously need a new wheel, but I'm scared to get a big expensive wheel. I'm so used to using this tiny piece of junk 180 + 40 degree loose bungee wheel, plus it's fun beating friends that have big expensive wheels when they know how crappy my wheel is, heh :p
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  7. lol that would drive me mad, I couldn't put up with it. If I couldn't afford another I'd have it in bits trying to get it fixed. But don't follow my advice or you might have no wheel at all :roflmao:
  8. I actually did try taking the wheel apart only to discover that it was not fixable at all. After getting used to the wheel being busted, I kind of like it. I've actually been getting better lap times since it broke.

    Something else I forgot to mention... I shift using the D-pad on the left side of the wheel, which works great actually since the wheel only turns 90 degrees - so I am able to eat a sandwich or hold a drink the entire time I am playing. My friends hate that I am able to do this, lol. One time I made it through an entire race while I was holding a phone in my right hand - and I use my right side paddle as a push-to-talk button to speak on Ventrilo with my friends in the race. So there I am... broken super low budget wheel, drinking, eating, speaking on the phone and Ventrilo at the same time - and I still managed to win the race. It's too bad I quit smoking, that would have made them the most jealous if I was chain smoking while driving - since they have to wait until the the race is over before they can have a smoke. I don't think I would ever want to use paddles again, it's just too great to be able to do things like... eat a big plate of chinese food or hold a beer while I am driving.

    I used the broken wheel in this video: