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My First Real Racing Experience

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Linus Broström, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. As some of you guys know I have been testing a real racecar at Karlskoga, the racetrack closest to where I live. Many have asked me how it went so I thought I'd post a thread about it.

    The car is a Citroën C2, last year driven by Andreas Ahlberg who won the silver medal in the swedish Junior TCC last year. (He was 0.6 seconds away from wining the gold) Andreas was with me at the track to help out, along with one of his BMS Event mecanics Olle Erixon (seen on the 3rd picture)

    So, anyways. About two hours before my first test in the car the rain started pooring down and I thought we would have to cancel the test. I was realy nerveus before so this just made it worse. Then, about 1.5 hours later, the rain stoped and on we went.
    DSC00249.jpg DSC00252.jpg

    First time out on the track was abit slippery, specialy in the slow hairpin. After a visit to the pits, I spun it in turn 2 but kept it on the asphalt. Went back in to the pits then out again. Going in to the final turn on the outlap, I went a bit to fast on the wet surface and spun it again. This time into the gravel. Got pushed back on the track by the marshalls and in to the pit I went, again...

    For the second run the sun came out and track dryed up quickly. Got alot better grip as time went on. Overall i did four 30 minues sessions and in the last one i improved me laptimes by over 2 seconds from the 3rd session. Best time was a 1:28.7xx which is just 5 seconds slower then Andreas in simular conditions last year. That is a verry good result considering it was my first time in a real racecar.

    On wednesday we are at it again at Karlskoga. If all goes well we are going to test at Mantorp. If that goes well maybe I'll race in the JTCC final at Mantorp in 4 weeks.

    Here's an "after picture" as requsted by Adam Vaughan

    *I will updates this thread after each test to keep anyone who's interested, updated on what's happening.
  2. Dan Long

    Dan Long
    MK Simsport, driving the #107 BMW M3 GTE RDLMS Premium

    wow awesome job man, looks like you can get dialed in with that car as it looks so nimble and adapatble. Looks like you could be the next Robert Dahlgren! keep it up dude!
  3. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    Wow, great chance for you mate. I wish you good luck, and i want to see you on WTCC or something in future ;) And i believe you can do this. Don't forget to share your progress with us. Also don't forget us when you become famous lol.
  4. good to see you in a car. dang you get to run big time races before me. :(
  5. Great stuff Linus, I am realy impressed that you got to drive a real car and manage such time on your first run. I am sure with a lap time like that there might be a team that offers you a seat for 2011. Once that happens tell us which series you are runnig at so we can follow you. :D
  6. yeah and tell what team so i can join hehe. anyhow good luck and hope you do great!
  7. if someone has money to start racing... I wish you all luck in next races!
  8. Yea, money is evrything.....
  9. I did my 2nd test yeasterday. Sun was shining and I was realy excited. Today I had the other BMS Event driver, Andreas brother Joakim Ahlberg, who drives in STCC, to help me out along with their mother and team boss Gunnel Ahlberg.

    First run was good but had to get in to it again but pace pick up as time went on.

    In the second 30min session I but down a few solid fast laps. Best one clocking 1:25.7. Way better then last time. Grip was great and I realy enjoyed it.

    Third session it was alot of trafic so I couldn't realy get any flow in my driving but towards the end, another simular car driven by Sophie West was slow around the track so I caught up with her, passed her and then she was fast as ****. Probably she waited for me to se what lines I was taking. We were racing for a few laps and the last lap of that session was by far the quickest of the day, but when we passed the line to start it, the checkered flag came out behind us so the time keeper stoped the time taking which means I didn't get that laptime. Though I am prety sure it was faster than 1:25.5.

    In the fourth and last session I had a verry intense moment at one point early on where I locked up the left front going in to the first turn. Car went abit left and the left side tyres got on the grass. I went of the brake and steered back on to the track which caused the rear to come around. I went back on the brakes but was already sideways and sliding across the track towards the inside. The only thing I could se at that point was the tires I was heading for. Luckely I avoided them and the car stoped just before it re-entered the track. My heartrate went sky high verry fast for a few moments but went back to normal after about a minute in the pits. Next lap I came around their was gravel and sh*t all over the track right next to where the car had stoped. After that I was abit more careful and since the sun was gone the track also got colder which caused the grip level to be abit lower.

    Overall this was a great sesion and Joakim, Gunnel and my dad was realy impressed with my driving. Soon doing another test at Karlskoga then gonna start looking for a few sponsors so I can race at the Junior TCC final at Mantorp in a few week. I'll keep you guys updated so you know whats going on, and thanks for reading!

    *Sorry there is no pictures from this session but I am working on geting a video from the first test
  10. are you competing in the ScTCC next year?
  11. no. after some more testing, getting my time down to a 1:23.89 we have decided that im gonna do a few more sessions before the winter, then start as soon as possible after the winter. Then we are gonna sign me up for next years Junior TCC in sweden which will run with the Scandinavian TCC as it will be called next year
  12. GREAT NEWS, I hope it will be live on Visat Motor so I can watch your race. :D

    "The Road To WTCC"?

    Edit: work on your Autograph because I want ot have the first one :D
  13. sure thing mate. wont get to write so many untill im in the STCC though

    and hopefully it will be live, and road to wtcc. :D probably