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My first F1 race

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Bert Van Waes, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Racing with the fast boys in the premiere division.

    My impressions and learnings!:)

    I qualified in 18th position. It was in fact in 20th but due to some being DQ'd in Q2 i gain some... Still nothing to talk home about...


    I sat there waiting on the grid. My mind full with stuff on this first league day. I was full of excitement and the hart was pumping through my vains, much quicker then i was used too myself. I wrap the hands a bit tighter around the wheel. Stress building up...


    Green! and we're off. It looks like the start went ok for everybody, and we're off with blinding acceleration to T1.


    Ben was just in front and to the left off me when he suddenly swerve a bit to the right, just on the moment we went on the brakes. in a reflex i decided to do the same.


    But my right front locks up and the car hits the grass way to fast. and the back end starts to come around. I came back sliding backwards on the track, and could barely stop the car in time to let the others safely pass the first chicane. Only Ben i couldn't avoid.


    On that moment i expected a big bang but the world decided to freeze itself around me. before i realise what's going on, i'm back and everybody gone. Finally i'm off and into the race. The track is totally clear infront off me when i enter the second chicane.


    But seconds later i had a little "world stopping" again and when i came back i had suspension damage... On to the pit then, were my thoughts. Shame though. this will be a lonely race for sure...


    Coming out off the pit i find myself on P20, in the middel of getting lapped. Going into T1 Michel and Mark are infront off me, but they lapped me. At least i have now some company...

    A lap later i'm still going well, Mark and Neil fell out of the wagon we were forming and they could rejoin somewhere behind us on track. Only Michel now infront off me.


    Tyres were getting warmer and the car feels very good. It's easy to keep up with Michel. I'm feeling confident and things started looking good to win some places eventually. I was gaining on P18...
    Nothing is lost...

    Next lap Michel went a bit faster and was gaining on the Jordan with Chris in it. They were having a nice fight for 13th Position.


    Race continues and i'm still well behind the others in terms of time. But i'm sitting comfortable behind Chris and Michel. I'm loving the combination of an F1 at Monza!


    Laps go by and we're forming a little train here...


    When Michel attempts to double Neil in lap 7 (Neil on P18 just infront off me) i knew i could make profit out off this and gain a position if i was carefull. They touched eachother and the thoughts i was thinking didn't even matter anymore. I flew past them... Chris went off just the corner before so i had a clear road infront off me.

    Yes!!, Full throttle!!.
    A lap later i almost lost it at Lesmo. Oeff!!! a big spin was the only result.. A lap later i went into T2 off the Lesmo and at the moment i realised i was to early on the throttle the car followed almost the exact rubber marks off the lap before. But the spin didn't came. And i burried the nose pretty deep into the wall...


    Race over...

    While i was walking to the pit to check the rest off the race out, my head filled itself with rather happy thoughts. My first F1 championship race ended in the wall. But i knew it was to myself pushing hard on the car. I can only blame myself here. But i also knew now i could keep up with the pace... If only i had a better first lap eh....

    Sorry DaBoss!!! For not getting my car over the finish and into the points...

    Thank you very very much RD, Eric and MMG MAK for giving us such a realistic experience, awesomeness, fun,... Stress even... :D

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  2. That's me allwright :)
  3. Plessant reading like a book Bert ,great story cheers m8 :beer:
  4. Great reading and great pics too... Thanks!
  5. Fantastic shots! Love the front quarter view of the Torro Rosso :)
  6. remember to do it properly you should spin it in lesmo 1 on the last lap :)
  7. hhaha, indeed. Boy he must've had pain...
  8. Great summary Bert. :)

    Just one thing: Could someone, anyone please tell me... what's the deal with the Jordan?!? :p
  9. Rhys,
    I dont know if you're joking or not, but the Jordan thing is because Eric wanted to have 24 drivers on the grid, but the mod only have 22 drivers, since the 2007 F1 season only had that number of drivers.
    Then he asked which car to add (only a skin using some 2007 model), but the car had to have a real F1 skin (from any year). Then the Jordan was found and here we are... :)
  10. 1. I wasn't joking :wink2:

    2. Thanks for clearing that up. :D Who made the skin and what 07 car model is it?
  11. The skin was found :))) and the Jordan is under the Spyker (there are 4 drivers there, 2 from the Spyker and 2 with the Jordan skin)
  12. Great story Bart! I was thinking that i read a book....fantastic!Good luck for the next race :)
  13. Its Bert, but tx mate :D
  14. Unlucky you had to crash... :( Great story by the way