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My F1 First impression ( Discussions )

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Luis Mendonça, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. ( Hope I am posting on the right place )

    First of all, I would like to say hi to everyone!

    Second, I would like to share my impressions, and
    like to know from you all, your point of view.
    ( Just got the game )

    I started a new career, as a driver from Virgin, on Legend difficulty,
    and most driving aids on ( Hard to be played, as I only have an xbox controller on PC )
    The game is great, I play it on maximum settings, really beautiful graphics,
    but the bugs, bugs me...
    Like, as an example, on Hockemhein ( Is it right? ), I made 14th on the grid,
    and I ran very well, I got to 7th on first lap, in front of me Vettel, and
    behind me Liuzi.
    I know I can't keep up with Vettel's car, but I was getting 0.1 or 0.2 ( + and - ) difference
    from my times with Liuzi and he was far enough for me to know it wasn't
    me blocking him.
    The problem is, when I pit, I always go from 7 to last! ( I already ran more than 7 times the same race )
    And there I stay... because, all the drivers in front of me won't pit!
    AND the ones that pit ( Felipe and Sebastian for example ) pitted 3-4 times
    and were still far from me! In a 20 % race, we should pit only once...
    Unbeliavably enough Felipe ended on 3rd and Sebastian on 9th.
    Maybe it's because on Pit we need at least 2 hours of difference from
    the car behind, so that our engeineer lets us go...
    To sum up, I really liked the game, but I hope next release from Codemasters
    ( if there will ever be another one ) will be better on these mechanical problems.

    So, I would like to know if anyone else has had experiences like this,
    their impressions and so on, it's nice to discuss this =)

  2. Have you patched,

    stick with it its a great game, multiplayer is the way forward, you gotta join the rd race club get a liscense and learn to drive without your aids, none of them !!1
  3. Hello Luis, I'm on race 4 Shanghai, won Bahrain and Melbourne but was unable to win Malaysia. I'm running 100% distance races in my season after 3 attempts to solve Malaysia settled for the 3rd place finish.I had pole and managed to come out first at race start first turn .I could put some distance on 2 pursuers on some laps other laps they caught up. Pitted at the same time as the first group never could catch up to those who had gone by. Best tactic I found was pitting one lap after first group of cars pitted ,managed 3rd. Couldn't catch Button and Vettel 1 to 2 sec faster per lap. Fuel weight apparently doesn't slow the AI cars like it slows us.
    Another bug I got or lack of testing by codemaster before releasing their F1 2010 just to grab our money. My pit crew is at the exit almost, another car pits but way back in the garages. I'm ready to go and the car just left his crew and is still way back. My pit crew held me waiting till he got by.
    Lets hope they test their product a bit more before releasing any new version and they add a few things I'd like to see, create are own team and drivers for example and better replays more televisual and able to pick the cars you want to follow on replays. Better race position info during a race. Modders seem to be taking care of those wishes btw full of goodies if you look around in this website.

    regards Marc Thibeault -Windows and Xbox live gamertag Graewulff
  4. Impressions eh?

    I know Chris Marshall does a wicked Kubica impression most races....


  5. And Paul normaly has a incident at the first corner.

  6. Im getting better, its normally turn 2 now!

    (..unless Christian is behind me on the grid of course!):D
  7. @ Thanks Chris, will join as soon as I can! lol
    @ Paul, Lol, you will see I have much more Kobayashi to Kubica driving skill hehe.
    @ Marc, Hi mate! In fact, not only the fuel weights problems, also they don't seem to suffer
    tyres worn problems! Pit is buggy from beggening to end! Hopefully it will change...

    I really should enter the Rd race club, at least on multiplayer you guys will still get
    worn tyres! hehe.

    Cheers and thanks for the responses.
  8. Hey, feel free to Apply for a RD License, once approved join our RD Races, although most of our races these days don't allow assists, so if you use them, you may want to practice without them.

    When i drive online it's far to easy, with all my assists off it feels like they are on but there not, the balance on multiplayer is rather wrong, but then again it has to cater for the folks who have the assists on hehe.

    your Experience in RD Races changes dramatically, there is 98% clean racing, only the 2% is one of us spinning or hitting a cars tyre and flying.... isn't that right Paul ?
  9. I've just made my subscription to become licensed!
    I should have done it before, as I saw there was just a race in Sao Paulo!
    Let's wait for another one =)
    I will try to practice with no assists ( I guess Gears will be the hardest! ).
  10. Which is where I will be waiting for you :D
  11. And if that fails ill be driving backwards towards you, not on purpose.............probaly
  12. I just tried korea with Auto gears,,,,,,,,,WTF how did i ever drive with them on............

    Manual all the way fella
  13. I hear its all swings and roundabouts - unfortunately I never make it off the dodgems!!

    Thats because you are normally waiting for the tow truck at that stage marra!!

    A few of us love Sao Paulo here so there is often a race there. I learnt assistless driving on a wet track there, on week 10 time trial. At first I couldnt even get out the pits, but after a weeks intensive practice and probably 1000 invalid laps, I made it round turn 1.... :D :D

    I recommend learning the manual gears first, then lose the ABS and reduce TC to medium, then once you are comfortable with slowing using the gears and not locking up and sliding off, and getting out the corner without spinning, feathering the throttle and maybe even short-shifting - then take off all the TC. A few more days of that and you will PBing every lap :p

    Get yourself a nice 'look to apex' mod as well (not the RD one) as it really does help with cockpit view, although its personal choice.
  14. About manual gears...when I buy a new wheel I will try it again but the wheel I have now just makes me slower with manual (and I'm slow already ;)) The paddles are to short and to inprecise for me and it somtimes jumps two gears down with one click, very irritating, so I'm staying with auto for now.

    Oh, and my stearing wheel is a Logitech DF GT

    Yes, I'm one of them, the most fun track on the whole F1 calender imo. :)
  15. hmm that's weird, i have that wheel too, either your not patient enough to learn it with that wheel or you have fat fingers lol.
  16. Interlagos is my home race! I just made 1.9.347 with manual gears =) I am getting there!
    I am checking everythign I can around, this forum is great, I will surelly look the mods.
    Thanks for the tips!
  17. Does the FFB on your wheel get considerably weaker after playing a while ? It does on mine.... :p
  18. mine ingame is set 30%
  19. Ok, I'm at 80% but after playing awile it feels like only 30% :(
  20. because your an addict, plain and simple haha :p