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My F1 career! Online name (deathknight254)!

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by SlimShady, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. SlimShady


    Hey guys, my name is Hersh and this thread will be about my career in F1. I just started playing the game and would like to create a thread on it to get feedback and in general to create a storyline. Add me on my online ID (PS3) so we can play together (deathknight254).

    I am starting with the settings I shall be using:
    Breaking Assists: Off
    ABS: On
    Traction Control: Full
    Dynamic Racing Line: Always on
    Racing line type: 3D
    Gearbox: Automatic
    Pit Assist: On
    Parc Ferme: On
    Rules and Flags: Realistic
    Car damage sim: Full
    AI difficulty: Proffesional
    Flashbacks: 4
    Race weekend: Full
    Race distance: 100%

    Feel free to comment, criticize and encourage me through my career!
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  2. SlimShady


    Just finished my young driver tests and I have an offer from Lotus!
    Since there is only 1 practise session here, I decided to do some TT laps around Melbourne (dry) before the race weekend. I managed to clock in a 1.25.933, which is 3848th on the leader board. I also played around with some set ups and hopefully this setup is good on tyres as I plan to use it in the race.

    Here is the setup:
    Front wing angle - 1
    Real wing angle - 1

    Brake balance - 50front 50rear
    Pressure - High
    Brake size - Standard

    Front Anti-Roll Bar - 7
    Real Anti-Roll Bar - 9

    Front Ride height - 4
    rear ride height - 3
    front spring stiffness - 9
    rear spring stiffness - 9

    gear 1 - 133kph
    gear2 - 169kph
    gear3 - 196kph
    gear4 - 224kph
    gear5 - 255kph
    gear6 - 281kph
    gear7 - 314kph

    camber front - -3.00
    camber rear - -0.90
    toe front - 0.10
    toe rear - 0.35

    I use the normal ps3 controller.

    Time for my first official practise session!
  3. SlimShady


    Finished in 3rd about 1.3s behind Rosberg. Put in a lap of 1.30.696 with the setup above. This was on the option tyre so rather disappointed. However, my team mate Kimi finished in 14th 2.6s off the leader. I did use lean mix so here is time to be found, however I am still unsure about my setup but I'll be sticking to it for quali hoping for a strong result. This setup is a handful to handle but hopefully it will allow me to save my tyres.