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My experience with the Dorsche 99I pay mod

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Billy Pilgrim, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. Last night, I paid €5 for the Dorsche 99I mod. That five euros would have been better spent on anything else.

    On my first races with it, the car's unrealistic stability made me repeatedly exit the race to check the assists had not come on by accident. The car grips to the road in a similar style to Need for Speed's and Burnout's cars. I am able to turn hard while accelerating hard; spinning out/losing control on a corner takes real effort.

    If this wasn't a pay mod, I wouldn't be too bothered. I'd have just deleted it and got on with things. But it cost this sucker five euros. Let's call it a learning experience.
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  2. Just wondering if paid mods are good at all and if anyone has had a good experience.

    I know there are mods out there that can add a lot to games or make them substantially better. However most of those end up being a donation. Just wondering since I dont have any exp with paid mods.
  3. Cristian Haba

    Cristian Haba
    #555 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs Premium

    Urd IMO are the only ones yet.
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  4. Jason Palmer

    Jason Palmer

    Wow my point of view could not be any different, I also downloaded the car and then the German Carrera cup skins from this forum and I love it and have been racing more on Assetto Corsa in the last 48 hours than I have for the last few weeks.

    I really enjoy how the car behaves and have enjoyed many a great battle with the AI.

    To me when you watch these cars race in real life you can see them moving around on the suspension and that the drivers have to lift a little on corner entry to allow for the under steer these heavy cars have and I get that same feeling when racing in Assetto Corsa with this mod.

    I race with assists set to factory and track to green, which allows a little more sliding for most cars in Assetto Corsa compared to the more grippy options that you can select.

    The car works out at about £3.50 here in the UK and I feel I have got that back already.

    I was a little disappointed with cockpit engine sounds but I believe this is going to be worked on for future releases.

    So far after buying this and all the stuff from URD I am more than happy with the value for money they all represent.

    See told you my point of view couldn't be any different mate , but then again I am no sim racing expert so please bear that in mind when reading my opinion !

    I always love how sims, cars and tracks can suit one driver but not another, it's a good job we are blessed with a great range of them all so we can all find something we enjoy.

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  5. Jempy


    No comment.... I'm against this pay mod system and will never buy one ( nor cracked ones )

    I'm ready to make donations for mods, it's not a question of money ( even though I'm not rich ) but only a question of principles.
    A multiplication of systems like this one ...may distroy the whole Simracing community, whose modders share their creations only with pleasure.
    As long as these are share creations, Racing authorities and car manufacturers close the eyes.
    Should it become too commercial .... I'm sure they'll quickly change their meanings.
    Modified car names don't hide the relation with the real cars.

    What would happen if a skinner, an app creator, a graphic mod creator .... did the same ???
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  6. I'm enjoying it as well. I've bought a few of the paid mods (URD, this one, the Porsche mods) and this one and the URD mods are well worth what they cost IMO. I do agree though that all it will take is one of the major auto manufacturers to notice this and they'll shut all modding down for their brands, whether it's free or paid.
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  7. Ryan Soucy

    Ryan Soucy

    I bought the EGT set for AC and have spent maybe 45 minutes total with them. The weighting seemed heavier on the wheel with less variation between grip and skid. I don't think they're any better than the GT3 cars already included in the game. They don't get me to use AC more than I normally would, which is to say not very much. Then there's the updating process and having the mod break with a couple of the AC updates. Overall, I am not going to buy URD mods again. Especially compared most recently to buying the Audi DLC in pCars, that was a much more worthwhile purchase.
  8. At StopDropGaming we did a Porsche Cup using the URD EGT Darche and it was great! We had 19 racers signed up for it and there was some great racing - probably the best series we've run. I've posted some videos here at RD.

    We are starting a DTM series using the URD T5's this Saturday..

    We also done a Viper cup recently (I have to say out of all in the EGT DLC pack that wasn't the most exciting car) and a Blancpain GT series. So if you ever want to get you money's worth with the URD cars you check us out. We're starting a GT multiclass series shortly, but that will be purely Kunos cars :)

    I've not bought the Dorsche so looking for some more reviews :)
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  9. There are some pay mods out there that let you have a sample car for free to see what you think of the quality (URD is one, and there's another one who made some Porsche mods recently and who gives a sample). I'd applaud that way of doing things re pay mods.
  10. I'm absolutely loving this mod. Well worth the five or six dollars IMO. This is a car that although fast, it's primary design is to not kill the dentists and attorneys that are piloting them. The car is very forgiving and is an absolute joy to drive and race.
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  11. what's a "Dorsche 99I"?
    searched google and can find no such thing for assetto corsa...
  12. Also, as a reminder re pay-mods. Kunos got URD to make the Corvette C7 so they can't be too bad.
  13. but the thing is, the 991 cup cars do not have any sort of TC nor ABS as "factory" assists.

    they understeer a LOT less than the 997s; even on Michelins. On the yokohamas that they run in the US series, the cars are slightly on the loose side.
  14. Jason Palmer

    Jason Palmer

    I thought setting to factory meant that AC then set the assists to match what the car used either on the road or track depending on car selection, which in this case as you rightly mentioned is to run with nothing. Using this setting I can lock my brakes up big time so I assume that at least the ABS is off.

    But as I said I am no sim racing expert so I am often wrong as to what's good or not and to what settings in sims really mean, so you are more than likely right mate.

    But I still enjoy throwing this car about as it suits my rather average skill level !

  15. If you want the car looser simply lower the rear wing.
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  16. Jason Palmer

    Jason Palmer

    Check out his website here mate - http://notworking.url

  17. Why is that a seperate site? I though the dorsche was included in the pack URD offers?
  18. No, URD sells the Darche, a car very similar to a Porsche GTE

    This car is the Dorsche, a car very similar to a 2013 Porsche 991 GT3 Cup
  19. Aha. Which is the best physics wise?
  20. apples and oranges...different power, different aero, different tires.....

    The Dorsche is a few seconds a lap slower than the Darche. It is also considerably easier to control when driven sloppily.
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