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My experience with different cars

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Jari Vinnari, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Must say that Simbin have done great job with the handling of the cars. They all feel and behave differently.
    Just tried most of the cars in Mid-Ohio and it was great fun to drive these cars. There were some dull, some slow and some fast cars but also those which gave big grin to my face. Here is some of my favourites and the non favourites with default setup. Setup change will off course make many cars behave differently and might change the way I feel about them.

    GT Club:
    BMW Z4-->Great setup, very balanced in corners, Very nice to drive to limit, great fun to drive all in all.
    Aston--> Good setup, too much understeer but fun to drive. Not as balanced as BMW with default setup.
    Gillet--> Fast, very balanced but it was sametime dull to drive. "DULL" , Bram will hang me for saying that. :D

    GT Sport:
    BMW M3--> Fast, Great setup, very well balanced. Feels perhaps (too) clean and soulless
    Spyker --> Good setup. Feels like a bigger car. I enjoy this car.
    Corvertte--> Understeers. Need setup changes

    GT Pro:
    Enjoyed this class and cars very much. Again Corvette had a setup (to me) problem.
    Aston--> Great setup. Balanced/civilised. I like the way its handles and sounds.
    Audi--> Wild child. Needs some gear ratio changes but I like this car very much.
    Gumpert--> Great setup and fast.

    Didnt drive Saleen and Viper. Almost all car in PRO Class were fun to drive and it will be difficult to pick favourite.

    Great work Simbin. :thumb:

  2. Thanks Jari for the review!
  3. I didnt get on too well with the Aston,maybe some settings changes might help,mainly drastic understeer,the Viper was ...wrong and scary,especially in the Flugplatz downhill turn,Saleen i really enjoyed,then tried the C6R and oh man i was in green Heaven!!,truly a treat to drive,just tried the CCGT and also really enjoyed it,i am loving Evo so far, happy happy days :thumb:.
  4. I love the M3 BMW, after just a few laps I found myself doing huge drifts.. very nice handling, great fun! :thumb:
  5. I find the corner speed odd in the Aston, it seems to understeer too much, I've driven the Ring and some of the corner speeds of the Aston seem low? :(

    Hopefully it'll improve with setup!
  6. Aston understeers when you are off the throttle. It turns nice when you can apply throttle in corners. It can be made better with setup changes.

  7. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    There is a big difference in the Pro Aston en my own Club baby :)
    The Pro has good handling overall, slightly bad on braking.
    The Club has indeed understeer and understeer and less grip on the front ;)

    But my name is on it, so it must be good!

    Enjoyed the Z4 with H-shift gearing last night the most... Still smiling :)
  8. That'll be my excuse for being off the pace in our little race at the end of last night :lol:
    ... thought I was just too used to the FWD's of the WTCC and mini's I have been driving of late :wink:

    Does sound fantastic though :thumb:
  9. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff

    Hehe, well, I guess you can't throw a GT monster in the corners as you can with touring cars. Tender breaking seems to be the key.
  10. Garry i got cronick understeer in the Aston aswell it was worse than the seat
  11. Made some progress with the Aston just now at Nurby GP,took onboard some of Jari's advice:thumb:,it gives the best with the power being fed in,it doesnt like trying anything fancy under braking.
    Audi R8 was stunning!!!.
    Gumpert was slightly odd,but good.
  12. Yeah I'm liking the Audi, surprisingly stable and revs hard!

    Getting used the Aston, very quick actually.

    The Viper is a MONSTER on the straights! :o
  13. The Aston PRO is the perfect car for me.
    A very angry engine that eats up the road and very agile and responsive.
  14. I prefer the Saleen although it does understeer at least for me quite badly. When I tried the Audi I thought this is bloomin great feels really fast! however my lap times ended up being slower than the Saleen?
  15. fully agree, awfully jumpy in the corners, feels as if you lose contact with track two or three times in every fast corner. but the joys of throttling out of a fast turn ...
  16. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    the Viper CC is naturally a pig :becky:
  17. The z4 is awesome, love the engine note.
  18. And yes, the viper is a pig. It was in gtr as well.
  19. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    But it accelerates like hell at the start :D Pure rocket engine stuff
  20. Have to agree with you, drove the Z4 for the first time last night at the Nurb ring and it handles really well even with stock setups, good turn in very stable.