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My experience at the Melbourne GP

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Jackson Wendt, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Jackson Wendt

    Jackson Wendt

    Hey Guys,

    I went to the Melbourne GP this year back in March and I thought that you guys might be interested in watching some footage of what happened whilst I was there..

    So I am posting some of the videos I took whilst there to Youtube..

    Here is a link to a couple of my favourite videos as it involves his Schumacherness himself giving the crowed where I was sitting a wave.. and first time I saw Ricciardo :p

    Bear in mind that more will be uploaded soon...

    Regards Jackson
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  2. Mo Selvarajah

    Mo Selvarajah

    yeh i went to the german gp this year.

    key points:
    1- was it worth £250? No.

    2- if it was wet the entire weekend, would it have been worth it? Yes. Watching the drivers fighting for grip and using every ounce of skill, and visibly seeing the car moving about, was thrilling. I really wish it had rained for the race as well.

    3- the noise was no where near as good as the V10's when I went to the Italian gp in 2004. the cars also didn't seem anywhere near as visceral or violent.

    4. it was massively annoying being surrounded by germans who were smoking in the hot sun, i needed an oxygen tank afterwards.

    5. i massively underestimated how much you could see - i was sat at the final corner at hockenheim, fairly low down to be as near to the track as possible. Sitting higher up and at the back would have been a lot better - the track is a lot closer than you think, when you see it on tv or in pics (obviously because of wide angle lenses)

    6. it was very difficult to follow what was going on, even with the big tv's.

    conclusion - if theres a high chance of rain, go see it live. If not, maybe go for just the saturday, then stay at home, watch it on tv on race day. For the money it just is not worth it.
  3. Jackson Wendt

    Jackson Wendt

    Well we had a great view of the track and knew what was happening all the time so I had a brilliant time..
  4. Thomas Mundy

    Thomas Mundy

    I think it would be quite impressive if you knew the weather forecast in time to get tickets, that's the only problem Mo. :) Usually sold out by then unless its Korea. To be honest I think it would be good to go to the F1 for the experience although I've never been myself yet, but I would record it on TV as well to watch later because you will never get the same view at the track and you may miss quite a lot.