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My driving: Pulling my hair out

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Tony Gordon, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. So i've come from Xbox and Forza 2/3/and 4 (Forza 5 made me go Pc), i,m use to hot lapping, sometimes going over 100/150 laps to get a #1 on a track, so i know its not my dedication, I can tune a car to a point, but this game is driving me mad, 20/30 seconds outside the tuned setup i,m downloading, people wizzing past me online like i,m an old lady Sunday driver. Now after two months of using my new wheel (G27) i,m wondering is it the game setup i,ve got wrong ie wheel setting, FFB, logitec Profiler settings wrong or worse, that i,m just a small spec of rubbish in the bigger world of online pc racing.
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  2. this sounds so bad for you, your hopes and dreams :alien:
  3. lol i was looking for help now you have made me feel worse :redface:, but i,ll stick to it just to p*** you off.
  4. post a video or something dude :thumbsdown:
  5. Do you realise there are people on-line that don't do anything else in life but play assetto?!!! Beware of those ALIENS in simulation world:)
    Anyway, coming from arcade racing games must be hard, but just keep beating your ghost and you'll be fine with time.
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  6. I will tomorrow, i was just having a rant, but i,ve changed view from in car to just the road which i,m use to and feeling a little better, but i think its more where i,m breaking line really, but i,ll be up for another hour so i might post one then :unsure:

  7. I use to be one of those guys till i had a mini me ;)
  8. lol pedro pls
    hany came from arcade games too :barefoot:
  9. Hi Tony, welcome to AC.

    1- Forza is very different from Assetto Corsa in terms of driving.

    2- Did you follow the instructions posted in the official forum thread for your wheel (don't mess with wheel rotation the game will adjust to the car you are driving, always leave your wheel at max rotation (900º) and put the Overall Effects Strength in Logitech Profile at 102% for total power in your wheel (I think its a bug on all G25 and G27 if I'm not wrong))?

    3- Do you know what is FFB clipping (always avoid, use this app and reduce Gain in-game if you have clipping)?

    4- What's your FPS in-game?

    5- Select a car and a track and start slowly increasing the pace lap by lap.

    edit: I see your are not using the interior view. Use it and get used! :D
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  10. Hallo Tony,

    we will gladly help you to improve your driving, help you to learn tracks, cars, setups and ideosyncrasies of the game.

    Please go over your wheel settings first, what Imen above talks about. After that we can look at screenshots, videos, descriptions of your driving and provide you with tips based on that.

    Recommended reading consist of our wheel settings threads, sticky threads and FAQ.

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  11. Hi Imen
    Thanks for the help, i am running on around 110FPS
    globle setting on 100 streangh, 0 springs 0, damper 0, centering 0, and 900 rotation
    game settings on FFB 100, filter 0, damping 0, kerb 52, road effects31, slip 20 and break gamma on 1.00
    I will try out that app tomorrow but my main plan it to tune a BMW GT3 around mugello tonight, :whistling:......NO ASSISTS
  12. Tony, don't use brake gama at 1, only if you have a load cell in the brake pedal. BMW GT3 use ABS on real life, so you should use it too. Reduce your ffb gain, you should be getting a lot of clipping. Take care of your tires in the first laps. Since you came from Forza games I doubt you beat the record times at Mugello or even get close. If you get near 2 seconds of the WR lap time go to sleep and come back tomorow (2s off the pace is good and I doubt you can get near the 3s).

    Have fun and good laps!
  13. Thanks for the help i,ll try those changes out tomorrow and watch some replys, my aim is to put Niki Đaković in 3rd place as he is sitting in 2nd right now lol (never happen).
    Your qoute not to use break gamma at 1, what should it be on ?
  14. If you are using the pedals of the G27 without any modification you should use brake gama at 2.4 otherwise you are going to lock your tires very easily.
  15. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Brake gamma is the braking linearity.
    If you set it to 1.0 then you'll have a completely linear brake pedal. For G27 pedals this is recommended, because you have no load cell to tell you where the threshold of maximum braking is, as you'll need to rely on muscle memory.

    In 99% of cases, your brake gamma should be set to 1.0, but it really comes down to preference. If you prefer the same braking pressure the entire way through the pedal movement, then 1.0 is the way to go, but if you want a delayed onset of brake pressure then increase the number.

    I use load cell braking, and 1.0 feels fine. Optimal in fact :D
  16. If I read your post correctly, you're a top Forza driver, so I'm surprised you're not at least competitive in AC. I too transitioned from Forza et al, and frankly, they're not that different. Although you need to pay more attention to tires and such in AC, the actual driving mechanics are largely conserved.

  17. lol something lost in translation my break gamma (pedal setting) IS set on 1.00 and i had a quick lap with ABS and it helped out a lot, THANK YOU.I will post a clip tomorrow to show how i,m doing.
  18. lol Top forza driver more the team V12 were top forza drivers i just got lucky on a few tracks, but i thought that to, jump on the game and kick ass like i use to, but got a really rude awakening when i came to pc, but like in forza i,ll get the time soon (i hope)
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  19. Also if you haven't, it's worth opening the pedals app ingame and making sure you're getting full range on the pedals, if the clutch is always pushed a bit (even 1%) then you lose a lot of time.
  20. For any type of pedal 1 gamma or fully linear brake is always the best thing to have. It simply gives the best precision at threshold braking. On old pedals it is extremely important to use 1 for best accuracy but even with new pedals it helps. Of course it will also means you get to the threshold of the pedal sooner than if you use larger gamma than 1 but you can learn it. If you have got used to large value then you can little by little reduce until you are at 1. If you go straight to 1 from big value it can cause you to lock up all the time because the threshold point comes sooner.

    Using anything than fully linear brake pedal is not realistic and simply gives you poorer accuracy with the pedal. The less linear the brake the harder it is to consistently brake at optimal level. With fully linear brake pedal just 1mm of fluctuation will make your braking differ something like 2%. But with unlinear brake pedal that same 1mm can result in difference of 5% or more.

    Also I'd suggest everyone to add something like 2% of deadzone into their pedals in ac for both top and bottom. Doing that will guarantee you are getting 100% throttle when you are pressing the pedal to the floor and 0% when you are not touching it.
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