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My cockpit view is always pulled too the left.

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by kevinjr, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. the view is in a angle of 45degree too the left. when i turn all the wayy right i now see the windshield? anyone know what is causing this?
  2. Only thing I can think of is that it sounds like a button is mapped to look left (controller setup), and it is constantly pressed?!
  3. yup, what lee said - this has happened to me and it's exactly what caused it :)
  4. im going too check it out.
  5. stil got the probleme =(
  6. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Can you post a screenshot of your problem please? Go ingame and press F12 to capture an image.
  7. Daniel Monteiro

    Daniel Monteiro
    Premium Member

    check the option "look to apex" in game options. i have it at 3% and that's already quite a head turn. maybe you've put it too high
  8. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner


    I had similar problem. If you are using G25 then definately there is a button configured to look left/right. Try setting the controls to its default settings and check again. And then work on configuring 1 button at a time. Hope this helps
  9. I have the same problem since purchasing STCC The Game... And I tried two different keyboards... I'm using a
    TSW 2 Wheel... I've done everything...
  10. I had this problem initially with Race07. I reconfigured the "look left" and "look right" buttons and it solved it.

    The second option could be to re-install your wheel/controller.

    Good luck.

  11. I would reconfigure if my keyboard worked in the sim but it's dead in the sim... My TSW 2 Wheel has no software to install...
  12. Stormin,

    I'm puzzled then. I'll look it up by bringing back the config screen and maybe something will jump out... So the keyboard is only dead in the game and works fine elsewhere??

    Any other controllers plugged to the computer (like a flightstick... I seem to remember you were a LOMAC community member)?
  13. Hi Ian, Thanks for your reply... Yes it's dead only in the sim, though it was fine before STCC it seems... My flightstick is not connected and yes, I was a LOMAC member some time ago... Wish my rig ran that sim well..

    I appreciate your help...
  14. Marcel Hulsbergen

    Marcel Hulsbergen
    #111 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs Premium Member

    If you have the problem during driving press a few times on the button you mapped to view back then the view should be normal again. Can you try this?
  15. Stormin,

    Here are my thoughts:

    1- If your keyboard is not working, it must not be detected. Can you confirm that in the "detected input devices" it's not there? (top left in the Control options screen)

    2- Assuming it's not there and not working, go in the "Profiles" section below on the same screen and create a new one. Just to make sure that the problem is really the look left/right command, assign that to anything by clicking on it and then pressing ANY command that works (whether a button on your wheel or even the gas/brake pedals)... you don't need the keyboard to assign. Go ingame and see if the view is ok.

    3- If you can't assign it, just try to unbind that command by right clicking on it... then it won't be assigned to anything. Go ingame and see.

    Let us know if it works...
  16. The keyboard is there but does not function.. This is really weird... I'll try a new profile and see if that changes anything...

    Can't do that... Keyboard not functioning...
  17. I have the cockpit issue working fine now, with a 4 axis by 2 button joystick on one gameport....

    But the keyboard is still not functioning and I have to ctrl/alt/del to get out of the sim...