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My cheap pCARS 3 screen build

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Robert Woodward, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. The PC was built over time with old parts
    Main specs info:
    Intel core 2 quad Q9450
    Ram 8GB XMS3 1333
    And most importantly for having 3 screen gaming cheaply... Graphics card: AMD HD6850
    Equivalent pc can be built new very cheaply with these parts
    AMD FX 4100 3.6GHZ
    Same ram
    HD 6850
    could possibly be made for aproximately £350 1screen - 450 3screen - £550 if all 3 screens brand new maybe. (cpu,ram,gfx,hdd,case and 1 screen brand new) and another £100 for 2 screens if you go 2nd hand like i did otherwise £120 each for equivalent to my middle screen.

    This cheap rig will run pCARS in latest junior build (226) on all maximum settings on 1 screen with 1920x1080 resolution or with 3 screens 4320x900 resolution all settings on high and low antialiasing (tbh the graphics are so good in pcars antialasing doesnt make a massive difference)
    the fps i get both in 1 or 3 screens with this setup is 18-25 but feeling fully smooth and no jitteryness

    The great thing with pCARS is even with antialiasing turned off the graphics look very smooth :D
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  2. Love the close up with the Cam at the end. The game look tops graphically speaking. Nice setup you built mate. WD. :)
  3. If only i would have remembered to think of changing the preset of the camera so the screens could be more visible lol, i guess its good enough since its a phone camera though :D
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  4. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Very nice! :)

    I would try to increase fps a little bit though, with 18-25 your driving is being affected.

    I can tell because I went from around 45 to fix 120 in different Sims and there was a huge difference in terms of consistency, slide control, input lag and accuracy, that motivates better results.
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  5. Well when it comes to online racing whenever its added i think i will end up dropping the graphics a lil bit just to be sure that i don't get a lag spike in the middle of an overtake or something but still, I haven't had such a lag spike even with AI's yet and AI put more load on the system than online opponents do ^^
  6. Nice ghetto rig!!!

    You've got to be aiming for 60fps with a full grid of cars in all the sims otherwise your driving experience will suffer a great deal.

    In GAME STOCK CAR I get around 100-200fps, sometimes dropping below 100 in heavy situations, but the difference in car control vs scraping 50-70fps is MASSIVE!!
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  7. I was expecting 3 CRT's...........:sleep:
  8. Well come to think of it whenever i played other sims on my old pc and if their fps is at 30 or lower i can barely control the car... I am really confused as to why pCars feels smooth with 22-27 (fps improved since latest build) when having 19 other opponents lol