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My career car seems slow.

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by deadsix, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Hey I'm new here it seems the codemasters forums is down. I just got F1 2013 and I did the driver test and I picked Williams. When I am racing I just cannot keep up with Red Bull, Ferrari and some other cars. Those cars just pull away from me even when I use KERS. How can I get my car to be faster. Thanks for the help.

    Edit: Also what is race pace?
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  2. 1) Do you expect to fight with RB, Merc and Ferrari in your Williams? It is good if you are slower then them in Williams, only be worried if you are slower then your team-mate.;)

    2) Race-pace is your speed in race that will get you to the finish line. etc, Quali-pace of RB and Merc is similar, but RB has better race-pace (they can go faster with same number of pit-stops).
    It's hard to explain, hope I helped.:thumbsup:
  3. I didn't expect to keep up but the difference between RB and Williams is scary.

    Edit: Lotus and Force India also seem faster.
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  4. Red Bull is tier 1 car but Williams is tier 3 (or 4 ??) so what do you expect ?? Also are you sure you a good driver :D Can i know your Williams qualifying lap time in Melbourne ??
  5. Ok deadix, you say you just got the game, got through YDT and took Williams in career?
    Try racing few races in GP mode and see how it goes. If you can't match them try lowering your difficulty.:thumbsup:
  6. To me race pace is something like the speed vs mile / time vs mile ratio within a given race length, if someone told you your race pace is better than the car in front then thats mean if you keep on to drive like that with the same speed & lap more or less similar lap time then you should finish the race with a better position than the car in front as a result at the end of the race.
  7. Did you NOT watch this season's races? The difference between (mostly Vettel's) Red Bull and the second car (Lotus, Merc, Ferrari) was "scary".
    Between RB and Williams it was more like "obnoxious".

    Cause they really were... ?
  8. I don't think it's a bad thing to be slower than RB and Mercedes etc. williams isn't a top team and you shouldn't be driving there with that car, as said before, compare with you team mate, then you can see how well you are matching the difficulty.
  9. Sorry I don't really watch F1, I just got the game cause my friend recommended it to me and it was on sale. I thought the racing in F1 was closer.

    I qualified at Melbourne: 1:31:407
  10. Then one thing for sure you need to work hard on your driving to get better lap time first before compare to others because Marussia which consider the worst car in this game can lap 1:28s in Melbourne using just a keyboard without any assist, so your Williams really quite off pace to be honest :whistling:
  11. I just started a Williams Career myself on legend, and the car is very under developed. However I managed to run 1:27-1:28. A big thing I was running into was understeer and not having good traction in the 3rd sector. In GP mode I can easily outpace the CPU, so the car is a problem. I had to run higher wings, and soften my rear springs especially. Also change some setting to get better turn in. I still finished around 13th-15th in the race. Your pace should be similar to the Force India, a little faster than the Toro Rosso. Check me out on Youtube as well for some graphical evidence : NicktheQuick (don't know what the rules are on links but http://www.youtube.com/user/RaceDahy/ )
  12. I drive low 1:26s in mercedes and if i remember right low 1:28s, sometimes high 1:27s in Williams as thats the car i started in, but for me hitting high 1:27s was rare