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My car spinners have gone?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Philip Antonia, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Hi guys.

    Wonder if anyone here can help me with a little problem :).

    I just installed windows 7. All is well with the PC and my games and I'm very pleased, but I've come up on a little problem!!

    I had Race On (Steam version) installed on seperate partition so that I wouldn't have to re-install all my mods and tracks etc. At first the game wouldn't start so I installed Steam again in the same location and the Sims then showed as installed in Steam. The game starts fine and runs normally, but none of the cars are showing up in the car spinners. It just says loading, but the cars never show up. This is for all the cars as well as mods. Nothing else is missing that I can tell!!

    Has a file been corrupted or lost that I could simply replace to get the spinner working again?

    I'm not familiar with the UI files so I don't know if something is missing or not. Obviously I could install the game again, but I'd rather not have the hassle of putting all my tracks etc back in the game if there is a simple fix.

    Any suggestions would be great.
    Thanks, Phil :)
  2. spinner is what? cars showroom?
    if that is the case alt+tab out from game, ctrl+alt+del (call task manager) and asign all cores to race_steam process (even if they already are assigned, unchecked them and chack again), happened to me also when I migrated to win7

    or if it is simplier for you, try this: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Tweak/CPU-Tweak/CPU-Control.shtml
  3. Thank you Dario. I'll give that a try :).
  4. You star Dario. That was the problem. Thank you for your help mate :).

    Strange issue to have run into though, but atleast it's solved now.
  5. glad I could help :D
  6. I have an easier solution so you don't have to alt-tab out of the game every time:

    Open your plr file and look for "high process priority = 0" and change to "high process priority = 1".

    I had the same problem and that solved it. It also gives a nice performance boost :)
  7. I always alt-tab and go back in the game when it happens here.. :p For every car that doesn't load..
  8. Thank you Mike, I'll try that :).
  9. easier way to the task manager...
    Brings the TM right up in front