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My 2012 World Championship Game review.

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Andy Jackson, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Well what a second season. But first I'll explain what happened to get there. I started my first season in the HRT as the number 2 driver. After just 5 races of doing very well and beating my team mate I had an offer of an instant contract with Torro Rosso. I accepted obviously as this was a great career move and opportunity for me. Over the remaining races of the season I had a high point of a podium place at Texas and a win at Brazil. I was extremely happy with those results. To cap it off I was offered a place in the Ferrari team for the next season. I jumped at the opportunity. But it started off badly for me in season 2. At Melbourne and Valencia I crashed in the race and could not finish. No points.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    But things started to look up after that. With a few podiums and 2 wins going into the mid point of the season things were looking up.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The season started to go my way with wins at Monza and Silverstone. I had some real close races during this period with my closest rival always being Schumacher. At Monaco I again crashed in Q1 which forced me to start at the back of the grid. But after a great start and a fast run I entered the pits in 12th place and hoped I could grab some points at least. Unfortunetly I crashed into the back of my team mate Alonso and took us both out of the race. He suffered a broken rear wing and I completely lost my front wing and both front wheels. The team principle gave me a severe talking to later after the race.

    But as the season progressed, so did I in all ways. My driving got smoother and my results came in, but so did Michael's. He stayed pretty close to me right to the end race.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    With 2 races to go we arrived at Texas for the penultimate race of this years championship. I was 20 points in the lead over Schumacher and quite confident of another win. After all I'd done well here the year before in the Torro Rosso. After the lights went out I took an early lead but on the 14th lap I over cooked turn 1 and lost the traction and came off the track. On rejoining the track I collided with Rosberg causing both of us to suffer server damage that forced both of us to pit. I was also given a drive through penalty. Well this was disastrous for me. I was dead last. Worst of all, Michael was only a few points behind me now. I had to finish ahead of him at all costs.

    Going into the last race of the season at Brazil I was nervous but qualifying went very well. I breezed trhough Q1 and Q2 and managed to stave off a fast charge by Rosberg in Q3 to grab pole position. This was it. Schuey was in 3rd, right behind me on the clean side of the track. The lights went out and I bombed into the first corner with as much late breaking as I dared. I knew that one single mistake would spell the end of my title challenge.

    I led for all the race and managed to gain 20 seconds on Rosberg and Schuey at the 1st pistop but was dismayed to come out of the pit lane behind them both. The race was hot and sweaty but with 3 laps to go I managed to DRS past Rosberg and then Michael on the last lap and I won. I was overcome with emotion and slowly clambered out from behind my Logitech Momo and 27" screen with sweat poring from brow. I celebrated by shaking a can of coke outside all over the dog and the waiting press. I had won the World championship on my second season.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The team went mad. I had brought glory to Ferrari at last and the Team Principle offered me another contract at once. I was in two minds though. Yes Ferrari had given me the opportunity to win but I wanted a new challenge.
    But for now I bathed in the glory and the great feeling of winning a Formula 1 World Championship in some style.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I then shocked not only Ferrari and the worlds press, but myself. I accepted a contract from Lotus as their number 2 driver for the next season. I wanted a challenge and I think I will get it.

    Thanks for reading about my current career and I hope you enjoyed it. The secret to playing this F1 simulator is to enjoy it and get immersed by it. To live it.

    I only play this game with cockpit view. I use no aid except TC. I have full damage on and I use the realistic damage mod. I do this by my own choice. To me it's more of a challenge and more real. If I make a mistake or have bad luck then it's my fault. I never restart a session and I never ever use flashbacks. What happens happens and that's it. You should try it. It's fun.

    Happy racing F1 fans.

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  2. Nice story! I enjoyed reading it. I hope you will also make a report about your 3rd season at Lotus! :)
  3. You can rest assured I will. Watch this space.:)
  4. The Lotus season starts today. :thumbsup:
  5. Awesome story. I hope I can be in the WDC fight on the last race but I may struggle too much with the Caterham. I've never been into WDC fight on the last race and I want to know how it feels! :D
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  6. Thanks. Oh and it feels great. :thumbsup: I am the World Champion. Currently on race 2 of my 3rd season now at Lotus.
  7. Great story :). Good luck at Lotus!