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Discussion in 'MXGP' started by Kevin Cox, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. Anyone tried the MXGP demo on steam yet? I've have and it freaking awesome! :D

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  2. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Member Premium Member

    Just tried it,
    and to have to agree, It looks and rides real good , im always a sucker for bike games.
    Miltstone have defiantly done the bis on this. :thumbsup:
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  3. Hi Kevin.
    Can you please tell me what kind of controllers you can use.
  4. Well since Friday the game is released.I love it.:thumbsup:Similar to MotoGp feom Milestone,and that is also very good.For sure here and there little things for updates and fixes,but at all a good game.
  5. Hi Ole,

    I use an Xbox wireless controller on my PC. ;)
  6. Hi Puffitheone,

    Do you have the PC version? If so are there many people playing online?

    Thanks. :thumbsup:
  7. Yes for Pc...i play at the moment the career.Last night only aquick race online.So i don´t know how many really are there...
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  8. I like this game so far.
    Starting out with the MX2 bike to get to learn the tracks before jumping on the MX1.
    The tracks are fun and challenging too.
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  9. Now i´m playing on hard and if you know how you must drive through the curves and such things,then it´s not difficult.
  10. I picked this up on Friday and it is really good for fans of sims. The menu's aren't very flashy and there isn't a great presentation, but once you get the bike on the track, its fantastic. There are 30 minute practice sessions, Quali sessions, and then 2 races. Transmission, springs, and brakes are adjustable. If anyone wants to set up a room tomorrow, I'd be up for some competitive racing :)
  11. no controller rumble effects in game as per usual it seems with milestone games of recent times
  12. I tried the demo using my Flightsim Joystick but, I could not turn sharp enough using that to make the turns. I need to figure out how to better set that up but, I used to play Motocross Madness using a joystick years ago.
  13. I would just get a 360 controller. It's the standard gamepad for all PC games these days. Almost every game in the last 4-5 years plays just fine with a 360 controller.
  14. Thanks Blkout, I'll have to check with the kids to see if we have any spare controllers around. :thumbsup:
  15. Keep in mind if you use it for the PC, you'll need a wired controller or you will need a wireless PC receiver to use a wireless controller,


    It costs a little more to go the wireless route, but its nice to not be attached to a cord. Both solutions work just fine though and the 360 controller works fine in MXGP, I can confirm.
  16. Great, thanks for the info.:thumbsup:
  17. Dan Allen

    Dan Allen
    I am the Pastor Maldonado of RaceDepartment.

    I tried it. I must admit, I'm not really a fan of bikes, but I really did enjoy this game. Moreso than the MotoGP 14 demo! May consider buying the full game when I finally have a bit of money :D
  19. Have to say I quite enjoy playing the game in 1P mode. Tracks are nice. bikes not stupid easy to ride qand you have to really plan your moves.

    But online is total insanity! I am winning races in career at hard and expert but am getting utterly, completely and totally blown away by other players online, have never finished in front of one yet and played a few times now.

    I dont know what I am doing wrong, maybe not using gears, but am on hard physics so am leaning myself and weighting, but just get utterly owned every time.

    My abandon is now at about 60 as I just cant be doing with getting thrashed this easily.
  20. Dan Allen

    Dan Allen
    I am the Pastor Maldonado of RaceDepartment.

    In my experience, it doesn't matter how good you think you are, there's always some ****er whos' better than you...
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