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MXGP 2015 MOD 2.0


  1. pay2021 submitted a new resource:

    MXGP 2015 MOD - MXGP 2015 MOD

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  2. Hey, awesome mod, you made me enjoy this game, it had become kind of boring. Just asking, will you be doing the same with the MX2?
  3. I was just about to ask the same thing! I'm loving the updated gear & having the MX1 guys mixing it up with some of the top AMA guys! Would like to see Dungey(KTM), Barcia(Yamaha), Canard (Honda), & Roczen(Suzuki) in there hopefully! I'd love to see you do this with the MX2 class as well! Maybe add some AMA riders to that mix as well? JMart(Yamaha), Webb(Yamaha), Musquin (KTM), Osborne (Husky), as well as the updated gear/teams for the MX2 class. As always thank you so much for this MOD, you've made the game challenging once again!
  4. *Wrong file, fixed*
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2015
  5. trying to download the update. Says I don't have permission?
  6. pay2021 updated MXGP 2015 MOD with a new update entry:

    MXGP 2015 MOD V2

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  7. Yeah, will start MX2, MX1 is done for now.
  8. Can you please give me the old files or if you cant please give me instructions to get them back
  9. I just installed this MOD and everything worked great except it did not install the Husky team or Cairoli's 450. can anyone help
  10. Thank yoou very,very much for that!Until now all other mods was nothing...that is the best one!
  11. the download failed ? tried download all but at 244 its fail any know whats the prob?
  12. hey i love your mxgp mods but i couldnt fine the husky team after downloading the latest update of the mxgp mod :(
  13. Are you guys are making a AMA mod for MX GP 2 and if so could you add Jason Anderson Or the Rock Star Energy Husky team,, With Redbull Husky, YAMAHA, And TM They are a sea of blue on the track and would really enjoy some diversity with the Rockstar Husky .. Thanks again for your outstanding work..