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MXGP 2 - custom DLC

Discussion in 'MXGP 2' started by MxWayGamer, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. Hi !
    I don't know if a people is here but i need help ! I have make a custom DLC for MXGP2. With it, i can select all equipment for my custom rider like in this video :

    Now, i would like to add my dlc in the "Download Menu" to make a clean DLC and release it.
    But after many hours to search in the differents files i don't find where add my DLC.

    Someone have already add DLC in the Milestone's Game ?
  2. How did you get oakley goggles in customization?
  3. I had modify the files of DATA.MIX. I search how to add this in the Download Menu to release it.
  4. If you think download menu on Steam, I think you can`t add this there (I`m not sure), but you can put the mod here that we could download it an pack it with mixfile remixer.
  5. Oh non, I would like to add it in the "Download Menu" in the game :
  6. I dont know how to do that, sorry. For .MIX files I always pack them with mixfile remixer
  7. Yes, I know how to add this in the game. But I wan't to release it less this.
  8. I should be surprised if it was possible to add it as a DLC. After all, DLCs are usually released by the official producer, in this case Milestone.

    That being said, I can't remember any modders here on RD or otherwise ever having added their content as DLCs. Quite frankly, I don't see the point in doing so, either.
  9. Thank you.
    I think it's very convienent because with DLC, you don't have to replace other skin in the game. And in my case, I have modify the DATA.MIX via DLC to can play online with the modification. If you modify directly the DATA.MIX, you can't play online.

    But if i release like it, with no modifiy in the "Download Menu", everybody can steal my work.
  10. Convienent, yes of course. But not possible. It does not matter if we download the modified .MIX file or modify it ourselves, you can't play online unless Studio Milestone just gives us the customization options for free. If that is what you want, just shoot them a mail, make a thread or a youtube video to get their attention on the topic.

    Please understand that you DID NOT create any DLC but simply bypassed the system that prevented these items to be in the "customization" menu. Nice work nonetheless.

    Please just upload the modde files or tell us how to do what you did. It was work for you yes but what is your goal in NOT sharing/getting your work "stolen"? We all bought the game, you could just share what you have. ;)
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2016
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  11. is anyone doing an A.I. increased dificultty mod for this game...?? thxs
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  12. Hello !!
    I'm work on the 0.2 version.

    Hype :
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  13. Hello MxWayGamer,
    What news about DLC release 0.2 version ? and can you add skin for moto also ?
    (désolé pour mon anglais) :D
  14. I managed to add bike in my DLC, but 1/10 times, my game crashs. So, i will release it when i fix it ;)
    J'ai réussi à ajouter les kit déco au DLC, mais 1 fois sur 10, le jeu crash. Donc, je le partagerais quand j'aurais fixé ça.
  15. Ok tu as un compte Steam ? qu'on s'ajoute en amis. Mais j'ai déjà roulé avec toi sur le MXGP 1 en pseudo-compétition via le mumble etc ... =)
  16. Ça ne sert à rien. Je ne joue pratiquement pas à MXGP2
  17. Ok, can you tell me here when the DLC 0.2 is done ?
    Ok, tu pense pouvoir me tenir au jus pour l'avancement du DLC 0.2 ?
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2016
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