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Must Have Tracks List

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Mick Martin, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Long Real World Tracks

  2. Real World Tracks

  3. Ovals

  4. Dirt/Rally

  5. Fantasy

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  1. I thought we could follow the trend that Makakoraitor started with the mod list.

    Please reply here all of your highly recommended tracks & I will add them to this list.
    Please also mention what version of the track you submit & who made it.
    I will try to add download links were applicable.

    Long Real world tracks:
    Nordschleife 2007 2.21 <<<DL RFcentral>>>
    Machwerk 67 2.0 by LifeRS <<<DL RFcentral>>>
    Le Mans (which version?)
    Targa Florio by Kuatu & 6e66o <<<DL RFcentral>>>

    Real world tracks:
    Silverstone (which version?)
    Bahrain International 2.0 by CTDP <<<DL RFcentral>>>
    Laguna Seca v1.2 by *com8* <<<DL RFcentral>>>
    Zolder 2.0 by Benhur conversion from GPL <<<DL RFcentral>>>
    Paul Ricard HTTT v1.0 by Loco and Thierry <<<DL RFcentral>>>
    Suzuka by F1SR (In Trackpack'92 [search for "F1_1992_TP_V1.0.exe"])
    Montjuic by Paul Skingley and all the GPL team <<DL No Grip>>



    Rattle Snake Point 1.10 by SLider916 & Cammel <<<DL RFcentral>>>
    Toban Raceway 1.00 by ISI <<<DL RFcentral>>>
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  2. That's great Mick! Im gonna say you few tracks that I love, and should be there, I don't remember all versions, but i'll search it later.

    About Nordschleife, the best version is Nordschleife 2007 v2.21, it comes with a lot of versions/layouts of the track.
    - Suzuka by F1SR Trackpack'92
    - Montjuic from GPL (the only version I know)
    - Toban from ISI
    - Spa Franchorchamps maybe the best is FSone version for the new layout and F1SR92 trackpack for the old one.
    - Targa Florio it must be there!
    - A1 Ring (Don't know the version)
    - Laguna Seca v1.2 by *com8*
    - Zolder conversion by GPL
    - Paul Ricard HTTT v1.0
    - Macau
    - Long Beach (dunno the version)
    - Donington Park
    - Albert Park
    - Silverstone
  3. Sebring by VL_M
    Mid Ohio
    2009 Norisring by com8
    Varano de Melegari by elfwood & madhorse
    RoC Wembley by com8

    (Will be updating this list)
  4. AleDriving

    @ Simberia @Simberia

  5. Ale, my honarable friend has not quite got the gist of why!!

    Anyhoo this list needs some ovals in it, I would be the wrong person to suggest an oval course as I dont race this type of motorsport, any sugestions guys?
    Also dirt/rally tracks?
  6. Daytona and Indianapolis are probably the most obvious choices for ovals, especially as they both include road course layouts.

    Also, I really like a lot of the tracks included in rFactor. The Nurburgring, Barcelona, Shanghai, Monza and Montreal always seemed good, especially with the texture updates from here. I also really like the Lienz festival tracks. Some interesting challenges in there, if you can get past some of them being old layouts.
  7. Delaware for ovals, check it out on rFactorCentral.