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Multiple Installs - How To?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Mark A Warmington, Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    Can anyone shed any light on how I might go about making multiple installs of rFactor?

    I am scouring the forums that I usually read but can't seem to find it. I know I have seen instructions somewhere.

  2. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling


    Ok so I have 4 installs of rF on my machine.

    1 for stockcar,modding,all mods and clean

    basically I have one folder called rF installs on my hard drive with 4 folders in it. lets call them folders 1,2,3,4

    Run the installer pointed to folder 1, then again for folder 2 remembering to point the installer to the correct folder, keep doing this for as many installations as you require.

    To start each individual game just click on the rFactor.exe in the respective folder for the install you want to fire up.

    You will not have to unlock every copy, Once a licence is installed on your computer it will work for any installation though you cant run 1250 and 1255 installations on the same licence as it was changed in the patch.

    I hope this helps.
  3. Thank you Gareth... You are a star :banana007:
  4. This sounds like a good idea, but why do you do it?
    To ensure a "race-ready" installation and also have a "test" configuration?
  5. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling

    Well the VHR mod buggers up all the standard tracks so that was the first reason I did it, Then I started having a tinkle at modding and its just nice to have a streamlines version that will load up real fast :)
  6. So a seperate install for every mod should be possible ?
  7. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling

    I see no reason why not.

    What I also used to do was have a seperate installs for different leagues and things like that.
  8. Man,thats really something, i have 1TB HD so plenty of space to do it :D
    Thx m8:becky:
  9. I notice you can install a rFactor Lite version for this which is a little smaller in size.

    I tried it with the Historic GT Mod, the Lite version is fine, but damned if I can get the mod to work though. I follow the instructions in the manual, but when I run it, I get GMotor errors (can't open mas files for cars) and the PC crashes. I've tried a few times now. :smash:

    Not game to install it to my main rF for fear it will screw that one up too.
  10. Cant help you with this one now Warren, I have to install it myself later today:) I hope that will be a smooth install.
    I think the light RF light version is missing some sound files where mods are based on. That would be enough for installation problems. Better use the full install and try the mod again.
  11. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling

    Im unsure Warren as ive not installed it just yet.
  12. I finally got mine installed and working after mega hours of effort and multiple downloads.
    One tip I'll give you both for installation, don't follow the manual exactly. Where it says to delete everything inside the "vehicles" folder except for the HistoricGT folder, don't do it. Only delete other folders, not the files, some are still needed. They know it is wrong but haven't updated the manual yet.
    The problem with this mod is that to find any support for installation problems at the usual sites, you have to wade through multiple pages of crap about legality to find the odd problem solving. I found others with the same problems as me but damned hard to find answers. The best place is to go to their home site forum. I feel stupid for not doing that first.

    Anyway, hopefully your installation goes smoothly.

    I know everyone is raving about it, and some things look very good, but my first impression is average. The driving model of GTL is far superior to me, but I'm pretty sure it is to do with the FFB. For some reason I just can't get the G25 to feel right. This mod relies on the ReelFeel plugin but for me it feels all wrong. It has this large deadzone feel in the centre of the wheel movement which makes all rFactor mods feel like laggy mush to me. GTL is so precise and realistic.
    One day, I'll get the FFB better and then I'll enjoy it.
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