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multiple install/uninstall question

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Gary Roth, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. have gsc installed on one drive...been having problems for some time not starting,re-installed in same place but still same problem. i now have installed gsc again in a diffrent spot/same drive and it works great,so my guess is mods are/have been issue,as i have quite a few in there.So now,i want to delete the unworking install...but when i look in uninstall programs gsc is there only once so i dont want to chance clicking that or it will uninstall both or one,which one if that is the case.In the unworking install of gsc directory there is a file called unins000.exe,which is a uninstall exe...what i want to know is if i execute that file will it only uninstall the gsc (unworking install) or will it also uninstall the working install that is on the same harddrive but it in a diffrent directory.??

    Thanx for any advice
    btw..so glad to have it working again..it really is a kickass Sim!!:)
  2. Nox

    Staff Member Premium Member

    Just delete the directory of the GSC you don't want manually; that's what I've done a few times.
  3. thanx for reply..when you say manually..you mean just delete the dir...not uninstalling it?? does that not leave alot of remnants and crap in the registry and file structures?? I appreciate your answer..and i may just do that..dont want to screw up the other working install..I plan on reinstalling again..make sure it all works..and using that as the mod install and leaving the vanilla install so in case things screw up i still can get my gsc racing fix :) untill i redo the modded one