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Multiplayer, the long wait?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Bram, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Now with the TP being out I cannot stop thinking how cool this will be to have a full grid of cars in online multiplayer.

    Will some form of multiplayer be included in the demo or do we have to wait for v1.0 to be released?
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  2. I think v1.0 will be the demo, as long as you have not bought it. ;)

    But, somehow, I am feared a little bit about the MP part. I really hope that they have improved the MP Part of NKP. :)
  3. Craig Booth

    Craig Booth

    Yeah, I think MP would be a great update for the TP. One it would obviously be fun, and two it would be very important to test collisions, functions, net code etc, so V1.0 is ready for the masses. But what do I know :)
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  4. And maybe slide in another car to test the DLC functions ;) ;) ;)
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  5. And a track as well hehe
  6. Yes of course, we have to test if the Multiplayer collisions are working correct going over crests.....like....you know where. ;)
  7. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    Wishes that can never happend guys.....we cant turn the TP in to a full game...its already striped apart in so many ways,some great and some not.
    Its only for test not to have "fun" with it
  8. The MP part of AC is the part that worries me most. All the other main elements (physics, graphics engine, sound engine, UI, content etc seem to be of extremely high quality.

    Programming the netcode for a game has never been Stefano's strongest point. In namie it was quite below average and the netcode of netKar Pro (what's in a name) is still not up there with rFactor or iRacing (for me iRacing's netcode is amazing).

    I hope Stefano got some help with the netcode or improved his netcoding skills a lot.
  9. Yup the netcode needs to be spot on otherwise all the great work so far will be a bit of a waste TBH. Lets hope they nail it, some big grids would be just awesome in this sim.
  10. I hate to say it but as it is now it would be not playable with 20+ cars on the grid.
    The steering lag is just to huge and when the FPS rate drops on a full grid with fast cars, I just can't see it working. Well at least for me with my hardware. I really hope they sort that since the sim is great to drive.
  11. What makes u think it would grind to a halt...not everyone has ubur computers but alot do lol...for guys like us its called video settings and being able to lower them. With my rig the steering lag is next to none so very happy. Woot!... And thats on maxed
  12. I didn't experienced any steering lag at all.

    Maybe you have an bad PC or vSync or so?
  13. No mate, not that bad. GRAKA is a 6870 and no Vsync either.
    I can run it with avarege 119 FPS and it's still there but not that bad like below 100 FPS.

    Maybe it's just cuz I'am used to rF2 and there I have nearly zero lag meanwhile.
    Some people are able to notice it more than others like some also can notice a FPS drop between 120 and 100. (No bashing here, I like the most well known sim games :thumbsup: )

    There is a interessting thread on the ISI forums about intput lag which I highly recomend even if you don't play rF2. Lot of stuff to learn generally and very interesting.

  14. It´s the best by quite some margin.
    Rfactor gets away with a lot of crap because half the car is a ghost car.
  15. @Mirsla Davidovic Are you using a 120hz display?
  16. Uh sorry, haven't seen your post. Yes, but it's sorted now. I bought a 7970 in my despair.:cautious:
    I am running it now on pretty low settings but with 200 FPS, can't notice an input lag now.

    Should maybe upgrade my CPU too soon as I think there is the bottleneck.

    However looking forward to the multiplayer in AC. But most for the 70's Lotus F1 car.:inlove:
    That was the reason I signued up to iRacing but I didn't like the car there at all.
    I hope AC get's it much better done and I hope also there are some old school guys on RD to Race with this car. If not I am all in with the BMW's. Was never a fan of the Fezza's, to snobish for me. ;)