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Multiplayer Test Race

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Peter, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. Peter

    who cares Premium

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  2. Here's a screenshot showing the new UI. It seems to be possible to change the AI difficulty manually.

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  3. This looks great! A huge improvement over the circle of confusion.
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  4. Nice...looks a lot like Race 07! Can't wait....
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  6. Really? AI Setting set to manually? THATS AWESOME :inlove:
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  7. The layout looks decent and easy to navigate, but i don't like the color scheme. Would be a nice addition (and probably very simple to implement) if it was possible to change the color scheme or if they changed it to suit my taste more. :)
  8. I heard them mention that all DTM content will be available for purchase inside RRRE (obviously sorted the licence yayy) but if anyone knows the answer, i have a question; If you have already bought DTM-E will the content be unlocked already? i.e I can blast the Capri around Oscherschleben etc.
  9. As mentioned in the stream: they ask DTM E owners to pay a small fee to unlock the content for R3E. They didn't mentioned how "small" this fee will be - but the content won't be unlocked automatically - as far as I understood it correctly.
  10. Yeah they mentioned that, I think its the only way to go really. The experience package was always supposed to be a separate "dlc" but at least they now give us the ability to play some of the best track out there with any car we own. "for a small fee" :)
  11. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    Let's hope the fee is only "small".
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  12. They only mentioned tracks though. How about the cars? Will i be able to drive my c-class down the hills of bathurst? I'm ready to pay another 299 vrp for each car alone. It'd be great.
  13. I guess they acquired separate licenses for the DTM tracks but not for the cars (yet). But that's pure guessing. I further assume that it's limited to the tracks that are also used for the ADAC GT Masters - as only those have been mentioned in the FB post for the next update. But again: pure guessing ;)
  14. I don't know about the other cars but i know that at least sls amg gt3 will be available as a seperate purchase in the store(and you're goddamn right i'm buying it)
  15. Peter

    who cares Premium

    DTM experience is still separate. The GTmaster not, it's only a car pack.
    You can buy the cars separately or all in one package.
    So if you want the GT Masters for MP only, you only need to buy the car you like.
  16. Most of these cars have been in the store for ages. What's the point of this car pack other than just another product placement/advertising ? The GT3 variants of the Camaro, Mclaren, Audi, Mustang, FordGT (?), BMW have all been available for a long time now. Someone explain this to me, please.
  17. I know, Peter. What I was saying is that "SimBin" probably licensed some of the tracks that are contained within the DTM E separately to be able to use them for the ADAC GT Masters Pack / Experience and that we will be able to purchase those for a little fee (as DTM E owners) but that those separate licenses are not (yet) negotiated for the DTM cars and not (yet) for all DTM tracks (i.e. Brands Hatch, Moscow Raceway, Norisring - which aren't used by ADAC GT Masters). But it's still guessing.
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  18. As far as i understood, you'll get a discount of the GT Masters car bundle, if you already have purchased some GT3 cars. So called "linked discounts" will introduced with the update.
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