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Multiplayer Lobby "General Faillure"

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Tim Hogendoorn, May 13, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys!

    I'm supposed to race in tonights Trois Rivieres' race, but each time when I enter the multiplayer lobby it says "General Faillure" and then returns to the main screen... :eek:
    What can I do about this!?

  2. SimBin's lobby has been experiencing problems ever since Monday.

    Probably 50/50 whether it is fixed for tonight.
  3. I have the same thing.
    From one side its good as not only I have the problem. I just had a complete system reinstall and spent few hours to make everything working. And when it was ready - bing! General fail when trying to check if its all working on multiplayer.
    Now i calmed down but the things are not looking good indeed. I cannot make sure if i have everything right by joining STC server.
    The time is running out, they better fix this!
  4. hm strange....it works fine on my side
  5. *Confused and on edge of panic*
  6. Failure also here. :)
  7. well that was last night
    but my teammate was having trouble last night connecting with the lobby
  8. I want to race in Trois Rivieres... This is the only thusday I can race for this mounth, Why does this happen evry time a league is about to run an Event. Have STC thought of moving to rFactor (rF is 100% mini dump provane and lag free)
  9. yesterday we have experienced that problem too. After running Steam update we was able to join the lobby ... or it was just a coincidence :)
  10. Ohoh, now the lobby is like that:


    edit: i'm doing a maj of the steam client...
  11. Same problem here, General Failure when trying to find servers :frown:
  12. Same problem here, hope it will be fixed for tonight's race.
  13. Got the Steam update just before testing today but having the General Failure as well trying to connect to the lobby. Still able to connect to my server using the LAN connection.
  14. Dammit, we are not being lucky this seasson...
  15. Same here! Damn felt really like racing tonight
  16. I have no word to describe how we are cursed......
  17. I do :
  18. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    The race has not yet begun people. There is still plenty of time left :)
Thread Status:
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