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Multiplayer issues PC

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Chris Marshall, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. im having issues when playing online, i can manage to play a online custom race with around 5 players but thats it, any more and it says not enough players and drops me out sayinf Network issues.

    Ive tried reinstalling the game removing all Mods, patched, save patch, drinking water upside down and even push my wifes head in the toliet and flushed twice,,,,,,,,nothing !!

    any ideas


    Capture1.PNG :frown::frown:
  2. Sounds to me like a connection or perhaps router problem,for example if your router is overheating it can cause all sorts of problems....
  3. Over heating, seriously ???

    well its never given me a trouble playing COD or MW2 or anything for that matter its just F1 and more than 5 players....
  4. Well, I don't mean overheting from playing F1 :D, was thinking if there is something else wrong with it.
    But since you say it's only when playing F1 with more than 5 players....hm...strange...
    Hard to give a useful answer to you on this one.
  5. yeh its a strange one im not sure what to do. I wish people from the code master team looked at this forum as they might have a answer
  6. i know this issue, that problem is caused for using cheats like hack grid!!!!.
  8. offtopic - but chris i love the reason for your edit..
  9. i have the same problem than chris. every race i try to join, it kicks me out saying there is not enough players after loading the track. last one we were 12/12 players for a GP in bahrein, and also kicked me out: not enough players ¬¬... any help? nat is open, i dont have problems playing other online games...
  10. It funny you guy's bring this up.... it's very frustrating my brother had the same problem for 2 days.... he solved the problem, when he put a new PC part in CPU .... it wouldn't let him connect anymore.... he uninstalled the game and reinstalled it with all the MOD's it now works.

    before he re-installed the game, we reset the modem / Router but nothing worked.... so do not reset your modem or router it doesn't work.

    Either you format your pc or uninstall the game and delete Files manually which are left over.

    worth a shot.
  11. I still can't believe what happened to us just before with the game that was so bad. Multi-player is a sham for this game absolutely terrible, you can tell this is made for console plug and play mentality (no offence to console peep's) it is getting worse and more unstable as time progresses.
  12. was pretty excited about todays race.. but wat a bummer..
  13. well after a full reinstall, i have no issues now, might be the answer ?
  14. i had just formatted my laptop last week.. so i really dont see the reason as why re-install the game.. but, i wil give it try.. sometimes the unthinkable might be the answer..
  15. good luck
  16. Pritch


    i had the same problem it seems to be caused by the 1.3 real ai mod and the save fix ......

    so back up and restore for online play ........
  17. I agree with this.....

    I had the AI mod with a number of other mods installed and could not play on-line at all either as guest or host.

    Reinstalled the game today with no mods but just the patch and can now play on-line no problems so it would appear some mods are being detected as hacks/cheats and on-line multi play is banning on-line play with some mods installed
  18. Yes we/I did do this restore old files and then just to be sure ran the patch again, I have done it so many times before and never been a problem I reckon it is that bloody GFWL audio chat as when I have it on and hear people talking in game my ping go's through the roof so I naturally turn it off. My hosting has been very stable up until the last 3 race's and all files prior to going on-line are checked then double checked just to make sure dates are correct for the files and no modded files or pre-patch files are in.

    The on-line multi-player with the game is very flawed and must be addressed for 2011 (but I seriously doubt it) I mean they cant even get the AI right for god's sake and everyone knows AI are stupid, but to make them stupider is a hell of a task and not an accidental thing lol.
    I have noticed my on-line games are getting more and more unstable and believe external forces are at work there, people today with unchanged games could not connect but could with other host's, it is all very odd indeed.
  19. I run the game clean.. no mods installed what so ever..
  20. But Fahad the big question! were you flying without wings !!!!