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Multiplayer is it good?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Hrc, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Hrc


    Is it MP playable or is it better to buy Pcars for MP?
  2. What's your past experience with sim racing games? There are plenty of populated servers daily, as well as leagues running in AC. They are still working on improving the game and Online aspect, but even now is enjoyable to race others online, either public servers or leagues with closed servers.
  3. Hrc


    I played Rf1 but that was long before, now i bought g27 and i want something like this two games. Ac is better to me with wheel but i heard bad things about MP, Pcars is good game too but cars behave strange on braking and not soo fun to drive. I will rather pick AC but i want solid MP races because singleplayer doesnt attract me. sry for bad english
  4. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing Premium

    I won't lie, there is one public server that is populated daily, running GT2 at Spa. There are plenty of track day servers also. If you want to use AC full online potential I suggest heading over to forums and sign up for closed races.
    But for me at leas,t AC driving feel is WAY above any other sim out there and that is the best part of the game atm.
  5. Hrc


    Ok one more question, does people drive ff1 2015 or something like that online?
    btw thx for answering
  6. Turk


    The GT cars and the F.Abarth are probably more popular. But there are people racing the formula mods. Although if we're getting the Ferrari F1 hinted at in the last teaser video then I suspect that one might take over.
  7. Hrc


    Ok i bought AC..thx for helping..see you guys on track. ;)
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  8. imo: nope
    but i hope it comes alive more and more
    there's a league here starting in half an hour
    that's already sthing right
  9. Turk


    The formula one cars are amazing but very hard to handle and drive fast. The modern ones with a lot of aero behave completely different depending on how fast the car is going.

    If your having trouble with them the formula abarth is a good learner car. I had to take a break from AC because my peddles broke and came back to try the new FC1 mod, I had to give up and try some of the lower powered cars to get back into racing.
  10. xnorb


    Whenever i check the server browser, it's about 70% Nordschleife and when i find a server in which there's some action going on which doesn't feature the Nordschleife, then it's mass crash in 1st corner, followed by a restart vote and if that doesn't happen, 50% leave.

    Public MP is really horrible, but i don't blame AC, i think that's just how it is if you have no ranking system in place seperating those who are able to race from those who are only used to hotlapping.
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  11. Still don't know why multiplayer rating/penalty is not high priority list on devs when starting a Sim apart from iracing...
    i mean people pay year subscription for this including me and would and would swap it for AC...Racing without strong rules and penalty without nothing to lose or gain is asking for craziness to happen on track....
    Had some great close tail to tail racing on AC but only if am lucky....
    If the foundation starts strong then it will help slow the progress of reckless driving , teach people a little bit more when to take opportunities.

    Dislike Nordschleife ,AC version made me like it but its not a racing track for me, the hype is starting to die down a bit now, hope they release new tracks so we can have more races ....Brands Hatch come Soon!!!
    Enjoy AC
  12. Turk


    It's a very different business model to the one they're using. It means buying servers, and maintaining them, it's a whole other level of expense and complication that they wouldn't have planed for initially.

    If they are considering it now after community suggestions it's still going to be a year or so before they could implement a system like that. I wonder if AC could output some better race data could racedepartment do something similar to iRacing?
  13. Guess it the same business model as Pcars then.....thought they too would start off with a good rating/penalty system ..

    Anyway just signed up to this...


    Raceme.io is a new multiplayer network being built for Assetto Corsa. Its goal is to bring the social features and ease of Xbox Live and the cleanliness and competitiveness of iRacing together. Features will include race results, driver rankings, player feedback, matchmaking, custom servers, and many more.
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  14. Plus they have to take cheating seriously, probably start MP from scratch to make it secure etc. Whereas with private leagues, if anyone's unsporting the league can deal with it, and they stay at a reasonable admin to user ratio.