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Multiplayer disconnection problems (PC)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Nahindel, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Hi everybody ,

    I have some problems of disconnection in mulitplayer . Indeed , I can join a race with no problem at all but when we are more than 5 players I am disconnected after a few numbers of tours. It is not my connection because that in 10 % I make approximately 3 laps , 7-8 in 20 % and approximately about twenty laps in 100 %. And suddenly I am disconnected from the current race , it is very frustrating!

    I have open all my ports for F1 2011 and GFWL , desactive the firewall , windows defender and avast . I also put files replay in read only and the audio on software in game . My drivers are up to date thus I see in no way where is the problem. Have you an idea please?
  2. have lot players with that proble, really hope codeamateur fix this problem now on first patch.
  3. I have still the same problems even after installing the patch . Someone has an idea ? I don't know where is the problem in fact . My OS is windows 7 (x64) , maybe the game don't work as well with this version .
  4. Not really sure that this really is a game problem, or at least not entirely. I don't remember ever having any disconnects once I have joined a game, it only happend once in 2010 and then my entire connection went down so that was not game related either.

    So far in 2011 I have had none but there sure is many other who have big problems with that, very hard to say what is causing it.

    I am running Win7 Pro, but 32bit version.
  5. That arises after a certain total percentage of the race, about in 40 % of a race approximately. I am not necessarily on that it comes from their codes, that looks like the problem of files replay which we have to put in only reading without mine are it already!