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Multiplayer connection problems (PC):

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Qel, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Qel



    Basically I seem to be having problems connecting to multiplayer games on pc, when I try to connect to other peoples games via a GFWL invite it just fails and whenever I go to custom grand prix to look for lobbies none ever display, I think I've only seen one since release and that one I got into the lobby but failed to connect when it moved to the actual game.

    I can connect to quick races though and they work fine (well as fine as a quick race can...) which is kind of strange as I can't connect to anything else it seems. I am of course assuming there are actual custom grand prix lobbies running at all...

    Just wondered if anyone has experienced similar difficulties and had any solutions that worked for them?

  2. Quick checklist -

    1. Ports forwarded on router - for Steam, GFWL and F1 2011?
    2. Windows firewall disabled?
    3. Any other firewall has rules setup to allow TCP/UDP traffic in both directions set for GFWL and F1 2011?
    4. F1 2011 Database modifications disabled? (usually only cosmetic mods allow multiplayer)

    Probably more things to check, but thats off the top of my head.
  3. Qel


    Thanks for the reply,

    I don't have any mods installed and did try with firewall off etc, what ports exactly and how would I go about that?
  4. If you have Windows firewall running, turn it off.

    GFWL/F1 2011 Ports -

    Port Forward TCP port 80.
    Port Forward UDP and TCP port 3074.
    Port Forward UDP port 88
    Port Forward UDP and TCP port 53
    Port Forward TCP port 443

    These need to be set for your PC in your router, and also rules set in any 3rd party firewall software to allow traffic in both directions for -
    F1 2011.exe, GFWL and GFWL Marketplace

    If you have a friend, try setting up a custom race and see if you can both play, and get him to host and you try to connect - there are known issues when searching for games, so rule those out by testing your connection with someone you know.
  5. Qel


    Thanks very much for your help, I can now see and connect to custom grand prix lobbies so hopefully thats it sorted. One other question though, you mentioned mods earlier, should I just avoid db modifications and stick to car/helmet skins? camera mods? would those kind of things generally be ok basically.
  6. Car, helmet, actionmap, lighting, camera modifications should be fine for online gaming.

    Things like, 40 flashbacks, faster/slower AI, changing drivers names, car damage etc usually will cause a disconnect with online.

    As long as you backup and keep track of your mods, test that the online game works after applying each mod, it should be easy to spot anything which borks your game.

    Happy hunting mate! Glad I could help.
  7. Hi, sorry to up this topic but.. I have no problems with playing online. Just the co-op championship. Because my NAT is set to strict, I can't join a friend , nor he can he join me. And I forward these ports you mentioned, but the co-op doesn't work.

    How come? Windows firewall is also off..

  8. Dont worry at all about reprising an old topic - good to see some people have a look before they start new duplicate ones!

    Have you both tried hosting a session?
    You are saying you can host/join any other multiplayer game ok just not co-op?
    Sounds more like an isssue with your friends connection at the minute.
  9. Well I hosted one, he can't connect. He hosts one, I can't.

    Any other multiplayer game works fine. Except the co-op championship.
  10. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    Had this with a friend of mine who lives not far away, (with 2010, and GRID) it was pot luck in the end whether we could race or not, but after a lot of hard resetting (power off / on) of routers and gaming hardware it was possible to race.
  11. Apologies for really dumb question, but I'm a noob here.
    How / where do I find RD game servers (F1 2011 PC) I've searched (well boy's look) these forums FAQs and such but I'm missing something somewhere. I have signed up, got a license etc. Where can I find server IP or whatever I need, and likewise Teamspeak info ?

  12. Co-op session invitation connection failure

    A friend of mine and myself have been racing for 6 races in F1 2011 for the past few months. Not a problem at all. Now all of a sudden when I send him an invite he cant join because of a connection failure.

    We can see each other online and can invite with GFWL but timeout...

    No router ports forwarded, but... it used to work and this did not change in terms of settings. ... on his end neither. I can join an online lobby with him as the host.
  13. I have the problem that my brother and I could play a custom race together. But we arent able to play a championship coop with each other. So because we can play a custom race, I think all the right ports are open. Or uses the coop other ports?

    Strange thing is, we saw a coop together once, that was it.
  14. Same here, me and Dad can play custom grand prix, but when it comes down to playing co-op I lose connection to session I don't know what the problem is. All ports are open, NAT type open, and UPnP is available. It's really frustrating.
  15. Hello its me again :redface: how u do the GFWL and GFWL Marketplace thing.

    I dont have 3rd party firewall installed

    Cand u send me a screenshot how it looks like?

  16. Here is a general reply to all the posts above -

    Dont forget to disable windows built in firewall if you are 7. I could never make that thing let me connect no matter what i tried.

    I tried opening 'everything' port wise and that didnt work for me either, not until I created a seperate rule for each specific port and type.

    Here are my settings in my Eset Smart Security. Should be everything you need for firewall software,


    I dont know what hardware you have, but make sure your port forwarding router settings are directed at your PC on the network specifically. Either by static IP number, or by computer name, thats pretty important.

    I could have sworn that I had more rules in my router than this, but ive just had a look and this is it -


    happy hunting!

    PS - UPnP is gash, hence your problem and having to do it the hard way
  17. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    Now there's an expression I haven't heard since my Navy days ..... 'Gash'

    You've suddenly made me feel VERY old Paul !! :confused:
  18. Im sure the context of our 'gashes' differs tho eh.
  19. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    No, it's the same .... rubbish. A gash bag (bin bag) etc. :)
  20. What port do I have to put for GFWLclient and live? I cant leave it blank

    Thank u