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Apps MultiLaps 1.1

Displays multiple lap times with delta to best lap or an average

  1. MegadetH_44 submitted a new resource:

    MultiLaps - Displays multiple lap times with delta to best lap of median.

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  2. Just checked app.:) Great , MegadetH! All is conceived and made ideally! Thank you for your work! This app is forever in my AC from now :)
    Two wishes:
    1. Add an ability to start lap counting manually ( in case of practice session) It's very important for testing car seturs on track.
    2. To make a transparency backgrownd turning via config app window :)
  3. MegadetH_44 updated MultiLaps with a new update entry:

    New performance delta, remember best lap, log sessions and new references

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  4. Don't know if the author is still working on this app, but ever since the Nordshleife came out, on the tourist map, you time is recorded not when you cross the finish line, but when you cross the finish and then the start line.
  5. Hi, thanks for reporting the problem, I'm aware of this and working on a new version, but I must wait for a next update from Kunos to be able to fully support the Touristenfahrten version because there are no way to know where the car is now, so the performance will not work.
  6. Cool, really love your app and waiting for the update.
  7. Updated, works fine, thx
  8. The Nordschleife Touristenfahrten setup has an issue with the normalizedSplinePosition.
    I added a few lines to fix the reported position, works for me, feel free to take and modify:
    def updateDataFast(self):
    global trackConf
    self.currentTime = ac.getCarState(0, acsys.CS.LapTime)
    [ unmodified ]
    self.currentPosition = ac.getCarState(0, acsys.CS.NormalizedSplinePosition)

    # correct pos for Nordschleife tourist setup
    if "touristenfahrten" in trackConf:
    if self.currentPosition > 0.9525: # bridge
    self.currentPosition = self.currentPosition - 0.9525
    self.currentPosition = self.currentPosition + 0.0475 # (1.0 - 0.9525)
    # normalize to 0.0 - 1.0
    self.currentPosition = self.currentPosition / 0.9165 # 1/(0.8690 + (1.0 - 0.9525))

    #Filter AC's bullshits...
    [ all the rest the same ]
  9. Hey, thanks that looks good! I'll try it and include it in the next release.
  10. Possible to add option to toggle the app on and off through a hotkey?
  11. I'm curious why you would want to do that? You mean hidding the app or "freeze" it?
  12. Because I personally really dont like anything overlaying when I drive, it takes away my realism and lies ontop and block the nice graphics. So if I could map this to a hotkey and thus a button on my wheel I can just check it to see my latest lap.

    Another cool feature would be if an app like this showed up 4-5 seconds after crossing the finish line every time, except in replay mode off course.
  13. Okey, that's an interresting point of view. I'll keep that in mind, but in the meantime you can disable everything except one lap time so the app is really small :)
  14. I will take it for a spin now. Seems really nice!
  15. Awesome application! This is really what I have been looking for. I love that we can configure it as is. I can choose exactly the amount of laps that I do and evaluate for example less laps for a qualy setup and more for a race setup. Very nice!

    Can I change the font or install new fonts available for it in AC?
  16. eSEA One

    eSEA One
    eSEA One

    I do not see anything else in the "contents " of the .rar folder other than the "gui" folder (and its contents)