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Multiclass racing

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Jakeinabox, May 9, 2015.

  1. Hi guys so Pcars has one glaring fault right now and its that we have very little control of multiclass racing in any mode - the multiclass option gives us no advanced option for picking classes or certain cars

    The whole reason i bought this game was so i could replicate the tudor series - but i cant select the gt3 and lmps to be in the same weekend
    = frustrating.

    Is there some internal files that can be edited or a custom career thing i could do to get the true multiclass racing i want ?
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Yep this is something that was overlooked by 80,000 testers. Kinda odd :)

    However in online mode you can select the option to use all cars I believe but you need to get aligned with those entering you room which cars to pick.
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  3. ya thats a good idea -- im thinking someone will make a mod soon hopefully

    Also below solo and free practise there is a "coming soon button" - maybe its an advanced weekend?
  4. It wasn't overlooked.... :O_o:

    There is a request out to be able to select individual classes for race groups. No mention if it will happen or not.. It's a little more tricky than it seems since 32-bit machines cannot have more than 16 different distinct vehicles which makes the selection capability a little more involved to implement (and have a good experience for all users).
  5. Thanks for the info kyle! much appreciated

    ya im okay with classes - doesn't need to be crazy amounts of different vehicles
    We know they can do it - endurance career has gt3 gt4 lmp1 lmp2 - i just want the gt4s outa there :\
  6. There was early mentioning of custom scripting support (which would allow people to do things like create their own championships and likely car selections for the championships). What they were trying to avoid is too many classes which would make finding an online lobby difficult, but this has hampered offline a bit.

    Yes, as you see with the scripting that is done fo career, it is possible so hopefully this opens up for users as well (I too want to have this ability).