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Multi Layouts Mas files question ;)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Eynel, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    iam working on my first track wich will be decline in two layouts (one with chicane the other without)...i dont know how to do with .mas files.

    The only difference between the two layouts will be that i will add or remove some cones in order the close or open the chicanes.

    I created two additionnal .mas for each layout with only the tracks and the cones (no terrain, no objects...nothing just the new cones, the aiw and cams). i edited properly the .scn files for each layouts to refer to the .mas files...so at the end i have: mytrack.mas (the big one with everything), mytrackmap.mas (all dds) ,mytrack_chicane.mas (few additional cones), mytrack_nochicane.mas(few additional cones)....Finally my track didnt load in rfactor "error gmotor"

    Is that the correct way to do a multi layout track?

    Sorry for my english, iam french ;)

    Thanks for helping.
  2. Hi
    Check out the Lienz track that comes with rFactor to see how to structure multiple layouts.
    Basically you have one large mas file in the Lienz folder with all of the common objects & then smaller mas files in each folder (layout) with files used only on that track.
    You could put them all in one mas file if you want.
    If your track doesn't need the items in there it will just disregard them.
    The important thing is that your scn file points to the correct location of the mas files.
  3. Thank you Eric trying to help me. I already saw how Lienz's layouts are done. I tried to do the same with my track.
    I tried doing the same : one large .mas with all common object in the main track directory and the small .mas in each layouts subfolders. I have done the small .mas by deleting all that i already had in the large .mas i just keep the tracks and add few cones ( about 400ko for the .mas).

    The .scn mean to point the correct locations of the mas files. i dont know where iam wrong or if i skip a step. The error when loading a layout in rfactor refer to the t0_s0.gmt.
  4. Check to see if the file t0_s0.gmt is inside one of your mas files.
    If it is then your scn probably isn't pointing to it??
  5. i will check that thanks Eric. Give you the answer soon :)