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Mugello Update 2015 1.0

Track tweaked

  1. Jonix submitted a new resource:

    Mugello Update 2015 - Track tweaked

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  2. rkh


    crashes the game for me and in my haste to try and trusting it i failed to make a backup :O_o: Can you provide the original, please?
  3. I don't know what it may be, make sure the file path is (TRACKS/MUGELLO and not MUGELLO/etc. or DOCUMENTS/TRACKS/MUGELLO)
    Select SBK-XV8
    And pack the file again
  4. Anyway I'll try to compress the default MIX and upload it
  5. it's really impressive jonix, have you made a very good work
    only one thing, for my impression the tarmac texture is a little bit too darker i have noticed it also on your excellent jerez W.I.P.
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  6. Thank you sagnok! About the tarmac, I think it's more abour your colour settings, like Gamma, etc. But if you want a slightly lighter texture I can make it :)
  7. first of all it's wright if i thank you and not the reverse! ahaha
    i' can join your fantastic work that make better motgp 14 and i'm greatful for that.
    i 'never think of the gamm try to reach if the things change and then if you are so friendly to make a new texture would be my pleasure to thanks again
  8. ok jinix it's all ok it was only my idiot forget to thinking on gamma maked gamma brighter and all is beautiful thanks again
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  9. rkh


    @Jonix Thanks for the original. All working again. Not sure what it is (DO YOU HAVE STEAM VERSION?), but I've been using mixfile remixer for years, but clearly I am causing this issue as others are able to use it. So, I am almost positive if I you were to upload it as a mixfile it will work. In any case, just reviewing my steps:
    1. Extract Mugello.Mix to desktop
    2. Desktop now shows a TRACKS folder, within that is Mugello
    3. Within the Mugello Folder I replaced the files with the ones you provided
    4. Repacked it (in the right format) from DESKTOP pointing to MUGELLO folder subpath to Steam/steamapps/common/MotoGP2014/Tracks/Mugello.Mix
    Last edited: May 31, 2015
  10. @rkh You have the steam version but it shouldn't be a problem, they are just textures.
    The only thing I can think of is that you packed the file with the internal file path wrong, but if you extracted it on desktop this problem shoudn't occur.
    Make sure it looks like this
  11. rkh


    ok did something else entirely. aaaand it worked. i pasted the mugello.mix and jerez.mix to desktop and repacked them there. then overwrote the old Mugello.Mix and Jerez.Mix with the new Mugello.Mix, etc. Works now!!
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