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Mugello Marc #93 1.0

Marc Marquez's new number design debuted at Mugello 2016

  1. Zibi submitted a new resource:

    Mugello Marc #93 - Marc Marquez's new number design introduced at Mugello 2016

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  2. I'm looking for the Laguna Seca circuit for MotoGP14 or 15 ¿Did no one has thought to create it? It would be very interesting

    I would like to run Laguna Seca MotoGP with 14 or 15 ¿Has anyone thought about making this conversion of MotoGP13 circuit?
    Last edited: May 30, 2016
  3. Laguna Seca is already available for MotoGP14. Also this is the WRONG thread to ask this silly question.
    PLease respect authors' threads. This thread belong to Zibi and his MM number mod
  4. lol sorry that there already is but it is not downloadable free:thumbsdown: