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WIP Mt.Noro Speed Park [rFactor]

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by soramame, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Mt.Noro Speed Park (Norosan Speed Park) / 野呂山スピードパーク

    It is a circuit built in Hiroshima, Japan, the halfway up a Mt.Noro in Kure-shi.
    This circuit opened in 1969, and it was closed down in 1974 by noise problems and the financial difficulties.

    There are a layout having a clockwise layout of 1,380m and 1,720m long layout and an Anti-clockwise layout of 932m for stock car race.
    The home straight has approximately 300m, an altitude gap of approximately 30m.

    It is used after circuit closedown as an automatic campground and becomes the ruins now.
    There are very few then documents and makes it from a few documents.

    Then Movie(Opening Race "All Japan StockCar Kure200km Race" 1970)

    WIP Movie

    noro1.jpg   noro2.jpg

    noro3.jpg     noro4.jpg   noro5.jpg   noro6.jpg
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  2. you may be too far into the this build to do my "suggestion" .... but If you could manipulate a High grade Aerial of this track, and use it as your background to blend in with your textures ... it would add that much more to your already great looking track.

    Just my humble opinion.
  3. I do not have photos that could be used in aerial photography while this circuit is open.
    In the photo of the time it is all in ruins after the closure, the ones who still have snow in winter even immediately after closing in the picture I could use, he is not suitable to use on the course so much...

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  4. you could make that first aerial work ... it would take some doing but the results still would be a lot more interesting ... the trick would be setting the scale ...

    HOWEVER, I think you are too far into your build to do this now ... But worth keeping in mind for the next project ...

    that would be done by going to Bing maps ... zooming in to like the 25 meter scale ... cut and past together a good background ... then in photoshop ... scale the first aerial of the snowy track as an overlay to get the correct size... then manipulate it to a layout that you can import as a decent background ... the effect would be worth the trouble ... the track looks worth the effort though ,,, you could set up the grid in BTB to 25m size and then it would be close to scale size ....

    This is how I would handle it ... It worked out good for two of my off-road tracks ,,, look at this video ... I used this for my aerial picture ( click link -> ) Bark River Aerial manipulated it to a 25 meter scale and made a DDS background ... then Photoshopped to my needs ....

  5. This is latest WIP movie.
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  6. This track is progressing nicely ... I am looking forward to seeing more of it in the future ...
  7. Shawdad

    PSN ID: Shawdad

    Its a shame this track is closed down. It looks like a fun layout.