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Mr Pibb's 2013 Mod

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Mr Pibb, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Edit 24th March 2013: Track extension pack including 2013 pitstand order released.
    Edit 10th March: v2.0 of the mod now available. Helmets now included.

    Hi. As many of you may remember, last year I released a 2012 mod for the then F12011 game. This proved to be quite popular with just under 10,000 downloads, so in the same vein for this year's F12012 game, I've updated pretty much everything I can think of to 2013 season.

    I've updated the following:

    Driver names
    Driver stats
    Driver nationalities
    Driver numbers
    Driver comments
    Driver birthday
    Driver uniforms
    Driver icons (rival images etc)
    Driver voices

    Team names
    Team stats
    Team order
    Team HRT removed
    Team Marrusia - kers enabled
    Team pitstand uniforms corrected

    Cars: I've not updated car liveries except for the driver name and car number.
    So this HAS been changed on car livery.

    Main menu opening screen
    Main menu driver selection graphics
    Main menu driver selection flags
    Main menu driver selection car numbers

    Race dates

    Track selection menus
    Track order (19 race - 2013 order)
    Track introduction graphics
    Track records
    Track stats

    Tyre colours (but not in tyre select menu sadly)

    Helmets: The following helmets for new drivers and drivers that have swapped teams (except Charles Pic) have been included:

    Sergio Perez (by Supla007)
    Lewis Hamilton (by Gerald Chinoy)
    Nico Hulkenberg (by Supla007)
    Esteban Gutierrez (by Supla007)
    Adrian Sutil (by Gerald Chinoy)
    Valatteri Bottas (by Gerald Chinoy)
    Giedo van der Garde (by Gerald Chinoy)
    Jules Bianchi (by MagicalTrevor)
    Max Chilton (by Gerald Chinoy)

    Note that team mate challenge names have not been changed. This is because I can't find where to change that! If someone can point me in the right direction, I'll patch this.

    It is important to note that this mod does NOT alter any performances etc. There are no "hacks" in that respect. Game will perform as bog standard. Essentially it is just a graphical/stats/language update to feel like 2013 season. While many things may be far from exactly how they appear in 2013, things are good enough for me to make it pretty much feel and look like 2013 season for my liking. I'm not anal about these things. This is a personal mod released for others to enjoy. Take it or leave it.

    In addition, please note that all files provided are in bog standard game resolutions. This is NOT an HD update. Game fraps should perform as per standard game, just with a 2013 feel about it.

    I think that's it.

    Some screenies:


    This mod patches to true 2013 team order, your current save game may be considered corrupt, and you may be forced to restart your career.

    You will probably not be able to play online with this mod. I don't play online so it's not tested, but I doubt it'll be online compatible due to 19 teams/2013 team order.

    In addition to the above and as an optional extra, I have updated track graphics. Any obvious existing signage around a track that had the old F1 2012 logo has been replaced by a new F1 2013 logo. This is a separate download, and is called Track Extension Pack v1.0. It is suitable as a standalone package and doesn't necessarily need the 2013 mod. However, if you're using the 2013 mod above and want to install the track pack too, you're better off using my track and pitstand extension pack instead of this track pack. See below for further details.

    If you see any other obvious F1 2012 logos to change, please let me know.

    Some more screenies:


    As mentioned above I have also created another Track Extension Pack. This one is the same as above but in addition, it also updates pitstands to 2013 team order. This is called Track and Pitstand Extension Pack v1.0.
    This is only suitable if you download and use the 2013 mod as the 2013 mod gives true 2013 team order in the pitlane. Due to the larger file size, it is split into 2 separate parts. See below for links.

    Some screenies showing full length of pitlane follows. Note that the last pitstand (not used due to removal of HRT) is now a Pirelli stand.


    Well, that's it really.

    Many thanks to Gerald Chinoy, Supla007 and MagicalTrevor for their helmets and permission to include them in this package.

    Download (English only) mod v2.0 here

    Upgrade from v1.0 of the mod to v2.0 here

    Download the track extension pack v1.0 here

    Download the track and pitstand extension pack v1.0 part 1 here
    Download the track and pitstand extension pack v1.0 part 2 here


    Mr Pibb.
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  2. the trackpack?
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  3. in the database put the corect tyre types for first 4 races
  4. AWESOME JOB, but heres is the track expansion? :);)
  5. Patience with the track pack guys. It's uploading as I type this. It's taking FORVER!
  6. dear friend, cannot download.... "The address is not valid"
  7. Do 6 cars drop off in Q3 and Q2 now ? Or it is it still 7 in both round and 8 remain in Q1 ?
  8. download adress is not valid
  9. You do not have photos? thanks for the work
  10. Click description tab in first post.
  11. o unico problema e que temos de começar de novo! :c mas de resto e muito bom
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  13. I just installed looks amazing thanks for the great work
  14. Can't download it... My browser says 'about:blank' :s
  15. the only problem is, you have to start all again
  16. Track Pack extension has been uploaded and is ready to go.
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  17. This is the real deal man!! no more HRT!!!
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  18. Thank you so much, downloading
  19. Great see you back Mr Pibb
    I will try your Mod very soon. Also with 22 cars is the Qualifying format in the game was 7-7-8 instead of 6-6-10??
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  20. gracias