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MPH Speedometer

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by exoticcar2009, May 13, 2010.

  1. Hey,

    I have the Porsche Cayman S, but it has KM/H Speedometer gauges in the interior.

    Can someone make some MPH gauges, or is there a variant to change it to MPH?

  2. you can't live with a km/h speedo? (I've driven in a car for 8 hours straight, that had a km/h speedo, and had no problems, mind you I live in Michigan)

    but to answer your question, I can't lol but if your curious of your speed in mph, just take the km/h then multiply by 0.6214 and that will give you your speed in mph. :cool:
  3. Check your views.ini file which has the code to make the tach and speedo. a change will require a new image for the insrument desired.

    I'll see if I can find my copy of the gauge making tutorial and post it.
  4. I uploaded one tutorial HERE in January.. it has no name attached to it so I do not know who wrote it.
  5. The tutorial was written by Bloom :)
  6. Thx! I'll update the info :)
  7. Gauge tutorials

    I have some tutorials that I am posting on the download page, one is by Bloom and the others from RSC files that I have.