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Skins MP4-29 1.0

F1 2014 McLaren skin

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  1. good job mate
  2. Only a note: there isn't Tag Heuer logo on rear wing, and mercedes benz logo is moved back about 20 cm towards hood, lateral on front wing there is written twitter "@McLaren F1".
  3. realitychecked


    Oh and that MP4-29 logo is very good... I prefer in Comic Sans.
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  4. MP4-29 Logo could be bigger so that it could cover the sidepods and there's an extra Tag Heuer logo. The Mercedes-Benz logo should shift it backwards.
  5. 88888.jpg new МсLaren mp4-29
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2014
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  6. Nice work !
  7. @Russia i think its photoshop magic isnt it?
  8. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    This is impossible to do in real game. He just cut the picture, and pasted here
  9. Yup as you can see the car is sticking out from the photo.
  10. exactly
  11. [​IMG] 2014[​IMG]2013
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2014
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  12. why you no post a video?
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  13. realitychecked


    You want a video with Comic Sans text in a McLaren car from F1 2013? That would be my worst nightmare.
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  14. Russia
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  15. Mate, i was telling that to russia for that fake thing.
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  16. Ferrari F14T 3D REAR VIEW[​IMG]
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  17. Please stop posting in-game pictures showing 2014 cars, which is impossible to do.. :mad:
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  18. Ha-ha its real pictures McLaren.
    Change 3D-models impossible.You can change 3D models but game not see changing.
    P.S Sorry for my english
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  19. Russie, you have good ass !
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