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Skins MP4-12C GT3 HD-Livery Pack v1.01

4K Liveries

  1. Jarvis_S2k submitted a new resource:

    MP4-12C GT3 HD-Livery Pack - 4K Liveries

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  2. I love the mod, great work thank you very much. It seems to crash my game,every second time I use it though. In the garage area trying to switch cars. Uninstall for a day, reinstall and works great for a day then crashes. Is this a known issue or is it something on my end? Thanks again great mod, love the cars.
  3. If you installed it according to the redme file, it shouldn't crash at all. Have you installed the tire pack?
  5. Yes I have installed the tire pack. The mod works great when it works. i think i'm gonns reinstall the whole game and set up the mods again.