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MP "There are currently no available game sessions for you to join"

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Sk3ptik0n, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. What is going on with this? Since I got the game I assumed I was just unlucky and that my time zone was, as usual, the one with the least online players.

    However, today I tried launching the game at all hours just to see how many online races were available.
    I even checked the sales reports in case the game had bombed and I was the only one, along with a small band of desperados, to buy it.

    NADA. There are no races for me. Since it is impossible that the #2 best selling game in the UK (I live in california, but I went to check at UK peak time) has no online sessions, I had to conclude there was yet another bug (by the way, I finally found the "no save" bug. I lost a full day of accomplishments)

    What's up with that? I read on the Codemaster forum that many others have the same issue. In fact, a lot more pissed users than I am. Some complained that they had to exit their profile and come back. I don't know how to do that, all I can find is exit the game and come back. No dice.

    So I created a second profile, still no joy. Same silly alert.

    Is it possible that codemaster is on a mission to sell less and less games until the end of their license?

    Or maybe I ahve something going on in y router or computer? If so this would be the only game having issues.

    The game is nicer than I expected, but the bugs are killing me.

    tonight I did my first online race (because I was invited, bnot because I could find it) and I found myself battling against Dr. Who's magic disappearing car, until it reappeared in my back, hit me and sent me against the wall and then I got a drive through penalty. Frustrating doesn't even begin to describe the way I feel now.

    I wanted to go online to test a few otehr things I noticed in the race today but I can't. This is silly.
  2. M8 i have found that if you search sometimes they don't come but once i get invited i play no problem, but once i come out of game their is no games to be found which i found weird as i know their is. suggest you add people on steam and get invites might be easier to play online.
  3. Yesterday for the first time I found an online game. 1 and no more, but I did see it so I know it works. I have to conclude that there aren't just many people racing at US time.
    Luckily, my GTR2 league is starting again so I'll get my online fix there.
  4. Exactly the same here in the UK & I am online at peak times. I played F1 2011 primarily online & racked up well over 1000 races so I know what time players should be online.

    Friday night & I found 1 single custom race with 2 other players.

    Would be interested to see what others are experiencing too as something definitely does not seem right?