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MP issues in R3e after update?

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Sean Kenney, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. How have people been able to connect to servers etc... after the patch

    I am having more issues. If I use my vpn I can connect to a mp race but it takes a LOT of clicks on the select livery screen....like 10-20 attempts. More than before on average so far. If I don't use my vpn I can click all day and get no where.

    The ping update column is very odd. it just comes and goes, something happens every 10 seconds or so on vpn. Without it, I get no pings.

    The time column is a lot more jumpy...seems to me.

    Anyone else having issues?
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  2. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk
    Sector3 Studios

    Yeah it's a bit ugly. As you know, we changed the way we populate the servers in the browser now so that some users who could not see anything in the browser due to specific connections or ISP's and routers with some additional protections, can now see the servers.

    You couldn't see the servers before but now you can. So that's good.

    The second thing is the pinging. It's functional but not pretty as you can see. We'll make some improvements on that definitely.

    In the meantime, you should try joining the ones where you have a nice ping with. You may not be able to join the server at all if it has no ping (-)
  3. Thanks. :)

    What would cause me to not get a ping? What does that mean.
  4. I also have to click multiple time on a livery. Maybe 10 time eventually it goes through.
  5. you see pings on all servers?
  6. yes.
  7. Anyone from Europe (Germany, England etc...) having MP issues as it seems a lot of US players have?
  8. After one or two races i can't proceed after clicking livery, no matter how often i click :cry:
    -->exit game, restart router, restart game ...

    But it was like that before the update. I see low pings on all servers. (20-50) I'm in germany.
  9. No I don't see ping on all server anymore, and it's gotten really flaky to join online and In race.
  10. I tried one in Australia the other night and it was much quicker for me, no multiple clicking to get going. Great improvement it looks like, but only 1 try so far.
  11. @shardshunt He can get on from Aussie land, would think you could?
  12. I'll try again ASAP and see if it works consistantly...I used to have that "clicking" problem......

  13. I may be wrong, but I thought he said he couldn't play at all bc he was in NZ.
  14. nz ping = au + ~100
    also nz network fluctuates alot more cause the only cable going out is to sydney cable in and out

    but it doesn't really matter cause ether way i cant race on any server atm (9:30 nzt)
  15. Ahhh. Roger
  16. I had lots of problems last night and eventually gave up. Couldn't join the ESR guys so I missed out on some good MP racing. I am in the Eastern US time zone. I couldn't even run single player.

    Are there plans to allow single player without having to connect to servers?
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  17. Snappy, I don't think there will be an offline, believe they talked about it, but I would expect a much better or more seamless connection to the internet in the future. The net code needs a massive improvement/fine tune and with this update it looks to have gone haywire bc they changed the way they are doing it.

    Sucks thats it is over the holidays that they are having all of these problems. :( And they moved studios.... so when it rains it pours.
  18. Last night, no luck in AUS.....tried a variety of methods ( RRE, DTM 2013, restart RRE), but could not get past the "livery" page...just got spinning wheel and return to menu. Oddly, the "ping" column was empty, except for a few sessions, and the pings kept updating like it was trying to re-get the info.
    Single player was fine...had a quick blast on the new Sachenring. Nice track.
  19. Hal, you can only connect to servers that have a ping in the ping column, even if they flash on and off. It can take up to 10 clicks on the livery page to get in. So you would have only been able to connect to those few sessions that have a ping. The rest are impossible. :(