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Mozilla Firefox

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Attila Domján, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I just recently installed firefox, because using IE i had cont. freezing every 2nd minute when i wanted to enter new page on the web.

    With Firefox it is working fine, just i have problems to login to the forum. Basically i cant login, now i am also writing by using IE. It is asking for username and password, and when i enter it it puts me back to the main forum page, still logged out, no any failure message that wrong pass or stg (i am sure the pass i typed is ok). Also at other forums i did not experience this, strange....

    Any suggestion?
  2. Make sure you are logged out on your IE6/7 browser. :) Then you should be able to log in on Firefox. :)
  3. That is not the problem, i cant login when i use only firefox.
  4. HUH???

    I use FireFox and IE @ the same time :) and both logged in :)
  5. cookies accept from rpm site ???
    personal firewall where you can allow site refferes
    for applications or websites ???
  6. cookies accepted, also i dont understand, since it was working well for 2-3 hours, and now i cant login any more... pffff....
  7. 1 more thing how it behaves: if i enter wrong name or pass, i get a failure message like normally, when i enter everything correctly, i am getting to the main forum page but still logged off.

    Please help me out.....
  8. I tried to re-activate my account as well, like if i had forgot my pass, i got a mail with a new pass, activated it, tried to login with my new pass, but still just got to the main forum logged off... hey, i am writing now from IE, which is logging in me automatically each visit, but here i did not change to my new pass... hmmm.... whats going on with me?
  9. oki, new pass is the active one, logged out and could enter again only with the new pass....

    Please help me to use Firefox, IE is freezing, annoying.... pls pls pls
  10. on other forums i dont have any prob with firefox, logging me in automatically as it should, just here it does not do, and i cant enter neither manually... dont get it... am i stupid or what? :)
  11. I don't understand, why its happening because i do everything with FF and i've no troubles......

    think think.....,.
  12. I found an ultimate solution: a 3rd browser...lol

    It is called Maxthon, also free-ware, and it is working! No freezing, can also login here, so far so good! :)
  13. Looks like a session error or something ???

    Neo i remember in part 1 you sold some disk for
    hacking so use your special knowledge :)
  14. problem solved for me, i will use Maxthon, i like it more and more, lots of comfortable functions (i am a lazy guy... lol)
  15. Post all your questions regarding FF here
  16. FF is a great browser, there is only 1 main difference between IE7 and FF. IE7 is a system hog! If you run FF you do not know how much quicker pages load up, videos run, clearer things are ETC.

    Get FF now!
  17. I use firefox and to be honest, I was initially impressed at how fast it loaded up web pages but now I'm not so sure. There are times when pictures do not load correctly or take a while to load. Also watching videos on youtube is a pain in the @ss, as sometimes it will only play a few seconds before downloading more, so there is always pauses, rather than perfect streaming video like I get on google videos.

    Any ideas why this is happening?

    For info, I have 16mb download and 1mb upload connection speed.

    Should I just go back to internet explorer or is there a setting in firefox that I'm missing?
  18. hmm good question
    there are many causes possible

    1. you try the same files with opera: ( is fast and good browser)
    http sites with the slow images, watch on youtube the same movie again,
    2.check your browser cache: extras=preferences=network
    minimum 50MB (firefox version 2.0 or 1.5) better is 2.x
    3.not always the client is the matter for slow connections sometimes the server are responding more queries as be configured like hardware or load balancing so its multicast you dont know how many peoples watch the same like you
    4. you try it in different times (9 am / 4 pm)

    hope that help u in first step
    sry for my good english :)