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Moving string objects

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Raido, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. I've got some fencing that I'd like to move in BTB. They're supposed to be up on the pit building roof, to prevent the onlookers from falling off.

    Put the fencing in the scene and then "grabbed them by the balls" (the circular red object handles) using the Y key to lift them up, but when I do, the balls do move upwards but the fence stays on the ground. (Even when I tell it not to in the string options.) I've noticed this on several occasions. Some stringobjects do work (moving upwards), others do not.

    One of BTB's many little bugs, or is there a workaround? :tongue:
  2. Go to the SObjects window, then Object Pieces. The neatest way to do it is for Start, Pattern and End, select 'Offset' and use the Y value to move them up. The other way is to change the 'grouding' setting, but that's only necessary if you really need the nodes to match up to the object.
  3. Thanks, R Soul - I always was thinking how to make it working, had the same issues as Raido :) Unchecking "Rest on The Ground" also did not worked...
  4. Thanks RSoul. Will give it a try.


    Just a little angry intermezzo though:

    Who the flying f*ck changed my message thread title? I'm pretty sure I named it "Shiftin' those strings" or somesuch, and not a boring heading like 'Moving string objects'. I don't mind it having another title but I DON'T appreciate being censored.
  5. Do try and control yourself in public.
  6. My directed anger is quite controlled, actually. Still doesn't change the situation - unwarranted censorship is what that looked like.