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Moving Objects?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Kalmykov, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone. I'm curious is there a possibility to do moving objects in BTB? Like a ball that will roll on the road...Ideally, I want something that will jump on the road and driver will need to avoid it (how about animated moose running around the track,lol).
  2. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels
    Premium Member

    You could put that deer on a circular path... but you can't animate is..
    Other than a flat texture loop, making the deer essentially an old fashioned sprite.
    I don't know if the object reacts on the impact with the car.
    But can have the same properties as a cone or a pole.
    The cone rolls over, the pole falls down.
  3. It's kind a possible and kind a not. You can make a ball that bounces quite happily but it vanishes under ground pretty fast as it's collision detection is not precise enough. We should be able to use HAT and it's collision detection rate to make it stay "alive". Sooner or later one of the faces will sink below ground and that's it.

    No Rube Goldberg machines either, two moveable objects can't interact with each other. In race series you can't have mass, in rF there is a way to introduce mass on moveable objecys, but AFAIK it's really buggy system and rarely used.

    Animated objects are visual only, you can have collision but the collision is there for every frame so moving collideable deer would make just an invisible wall across the track.

    Someone made a working train by inserting modded AI vehicle inside some boxes shaped like train and made the AI run in a tunnel.. ;) With that method you could possibly make a ball shaped vehicle that interacts with it's surroundings and use more precise physics rate but i think the AI will return to pits all the time as it can't move where it "wants" to or it "thinks" it's stuck.
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  5. That looks nice =) Are there any manuals about how to do this properly?
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  7. Thanks, man! Any chance it may work with Racer? I can use rFactor if I really need to, but for now I'm doing most of the things in Racer
  8. I have not used racer since before 0.8 but I know it is possible to add mass/define shapes of movable objects, and there is TrackEd.
    Ask around the racer community how to…
    I'd lost all that info that I'd copied off & went looking for it a while back but ehrlec had deleted all his old threads & hadn't been seen around here since...
    Such a shame too as he was extremely knowledgeable & was always finding extra features in the games (rFactor especially) from scrolling clouds to trains & mobile collide-able wildlife....
    (Im still searching for a few frames of animated kangaroo or wombat somewhere...lol)
    I just hope a gaming company has scooped him up & is making use of his talents now.
    Good luck to you ehrlec, where ever you are these dayz!:thumbsup:
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