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Moveable property doesn't work in SObject vs Object

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by marcobost, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Hi all, I'm new and I tried to read the various threads but it is quite impossible... also because of the several releases of the software changed the way to build a track... anyway I would thank Pywell for the great work he's making!

    I see (as I said because of I started only few days ago to use the software) that not all features are working in the same way and on my side is quite difficult to understand and to choose the better way to make a thing...

    I.e., to make a ripple I think the easier and faster way is to use the SObject, as well as walls, cones, banners, etc...

    but, but... using SObject window and choosing the same properties than Object window, I find a different behaviour: Moveable is really moveable if I make a cones line by Object window, but not using the SObject window!

    Do I make a mistake? Or is it a bug to be fixed?

    Many thankis in advance for a reply
  2. ...yes I don't understand too, why my objekts not muveable, I mark in objekts properties that objects is muveable... What is combination I need.
  3. As I said, it works fine using the Object... but the SObject (stringObject) is more confortable...

    We have also to remember that BTBpro is not expensive at all... It is a wonderful software!!!!