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Movable object help

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Brian Johnson, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know how to create movable objects with mass? I would like to have certain objects move, but like tires for instance you can't hit one a 50 MPH and not get any damage, Also I plan on making a few tracks that have walls made of blocks of concrete that are seperate from each other and can move when hit although they are extremely heavy.
  2. Thanks for the help. after checking the link it looks like the spring and damper options in the trf file control how much the object moves when hit and also how much the weight of the object is. I'll do some testing with this.

    Thank you.
  3. I recently - two days ago - discovered how to do this. it's entirely possible.
    But because i'm a tease, and a bit lazy, i'll only give you clues...

    #1 - Recently released 72km circuit
    #2 - not aiw, not cam, not tdf
    #3 - BTB uses SIGN as the tag for movable objects
    #4 - these are my interpretations of the available parameters (better definitions would be nice...)
    //parameters seem to be (resistance to collision (mass?), axis1 gravity/speed, axis2, axis3, friction to ground?, bounce, also friction?)

    So, I hope this will be more of a fun challenge that a pain in the arse :D
  4. ok, I know your talking about Targa Flora. Its the SCN file. I dont see instance=SIGN anywhere. I found billboards, but I dont see anything else like what you were saying.
  5. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Those sodding bollards...
  6. I get the impression that you might be able to define any tag, but when you select movable in BTB, the objects are SIGN.
    "SIGN" itself i don't think is a requirement, it's just what BTB pumps out by default.

    as another clue, i restate #2. If it rhymes does that make it a riddle? in any case, you'll have to fiddle... :tongue:
  7. ok im lost and have no idea what your talking about.
  8. Thanks for clarification/confirmation on that point. It's all a new thing to me so i'm happy to see more info.

    When you say "such as", do you mean they are the ONLY three names that work? So they are actually specific tags, the only three, and users can't define custom movable object names as can be done for custom tdf material names?
  9. I've used sign with a bunch of values (not zeros) to simulate road-side marker posts and haybales. If i were using 3dsmax i would use post for the posts and maybe cone for the haybales, but since btb defaults to sign i just use that for both, and while i'm sure they're not perfect, they're not bad.

    it would be good to use billboards for individual crowd members, marshals etc. would be cool if Piddy could work that one into a release soon too, as well as movable object mass of course :)
  10. ah yeah, i think i remember seeing something like that, but sadly these objects have been xpacked long ago. will certainly keep it in mind for the future though
  11. Thanks guys. If i can find what those parameters mean I'll share it. Right now that appears to be the only issue.
  12. So many secrets kept from us :D I wish exhaust smoke worked like in simbin though, but it doesn't :/.
    If you could decompile the rf exe, I'm sure you would see many values that are able to be used.

    re billboarding, I experimented with it a lot, it's good when you use it on things like trees because you can have an all angle good look. The problem is, doing it to the tree as a whole doesn't look good because it just turns to face you all the time, it has no 3d perception. To get it to work on a tree you'd need to set up bushes on the end of branches, are you familiar with speedtree? I used to play a game which used speedtree, it worked like that, each branch has bushes on the end which billboarded and distant lods were single planes billboarded. But it used a lot of fps, we found a way to glitch the trees off which doubled the framerate. You can kind if see how it is if you use the complex tree from the xpack and put heaps of them down, then test it.

    In the end, You will end up with thousands of objects billboarding just for trees. In Searspoint I had all the trees as single planes billboarded. I started working on the single bushes at the ends of branches but I stopped due to fear of how many objects were being created. Plus one more big disadvantage, the billboarding only pivots on the z axis, so by using bushes on the ends of branches , they would disappear if you went under the tree and looked up.
  13. decompiling the rfactor exe and altering that would be a big no no. so that is out of the option. Thats what would be the easiest way to set anything up the way you want.
  14. That was a joke, Australian humour, the whole objective is to sound like your serious. :)
  15. I was planning on just busting into the ISI office, but decompile the exe if you want :confused:

    this is a copy/paste for my road marker posts and haybales. just smacked it right in the appropriate file
      SIGN = (500, 100, 100, 100, 100000, 5000, 1.0 ) //physics for movable objects - thanks to Targa Florio :)
      //parameters seem to be (resistance to collision, axis gravity/speed, axis, axis, friction to ground?, bounce, also friction?)
  16. Well, that's pretty much perfect info. And in the manual all along...
    Thanks for digging that stuff up. Like i said, pretty much perfect.
    Every BTB user is about to spend hours playing with parameters i suspect :)
  17. parameters according to ISI are. <instance name> = ( <mass>, <inertia x>, <inertia y>, <inertia z>, <spring>, <damper>, <friction> )
  18. if those are the correct parameters (and they should be since I got them from the readme from ISI) it should be fairly easy to setup objects to have mass and be movable. this could make alot of things better in track building like tires on the side of the course. Ok guys now that we know this stuff lets go build some tracks, lol.
  19. i bet this isn't available in Simbin titles... Gonna try anyway.