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Mouse pointer gone

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Roger Snead, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Hi to all,
    RBR installed just fine. Also installed a patch. However when I launch it goes through all the little promo introductions, and settles on create profile page.
    Problem....my mouse pointer is gone, nowhere, no matter what I do, moving it all around. Kinda hard to create a profile w/o it. :O_o:
    And can't exit. Press escape nothing. Tried these procedures several times. The way I exited out was the only way I know. Control, Alt, Delete.
    Mouse comes back after exiting RBR.
    Using W7 Direct X 11
    I did not have wheel plugged in. Should not have too of course. Any ideas? Thanks, Roger
  2. RBR doesn't use the mouse. You move around the menu with the keyboard; arrows, Enter, Esc.
  3. I knew it was a risky Q....look'n stupid. Ahh...better to look stupid and have an answer. But Esc would not exit off that profile screen.
  4. update....ok, I got it now. Ithought I had to creat profile, but just hit enter and it brought up register driver, Typed in MULLIGATAWNY. I guess that was right, and brought me to the main menu. I noticed the drop down reso menu only went to 1024X ??. Will it use my native reso 1364X 768 32bit? Sorry for buggn ya. Is there a dedicated website? I could not access the RBR ones googled.
    Anyway I'll get there. You have helped alot.Thank you
  5. I got it Thanks.
  6. Roger, I've opened a new PM Conversation with you so I could reply to your previous one. Feel free to contact me again in that one if needed, or you can always get good help in this Forum.